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Ever After 2016 Fairytale Workshop is now OPEN for registration!

I could not be more happier to tell you that Ever After has now opened for early bird registration! Want to book your place and take advantage of the savings, CLICK HERE.

There are TWO modules on the course, you can take one or both, its up to you.  Here's whats included in each:

The first module can be taken by anyone; budding beginner artists, intermediates and the more experienced. It is for those who are interested in learning how to create beautiful fairy tale inspired paintings in a variety of mixed media art techniques. Each teacher including myself, on Ever After has chosen one fairytale (or myth) to work with and will use the beauty, story telling, deeper meaning and symbolism of the fairy tale to inspire their lesson. Module 1 on its own does not cover style development.

Module 2 is a segment that focuses on style development. Many artists and students who’ve been on courses over the years have struggled with developing their own style. There aren’t really any courses out there that dedicate themselves to this element of what it means to be an artist, yet, it’s one of the most frequently asked questions I get! 

Module 2 is suitable for anyone interested in style development even if you are a beginning artist with an interest in this area you can join this segment, however, module 2 is more geared towards artists/ students who already feel quite confident when it comes to making art and mixed media techniques but are feeling stuck when it comes to developing their own style and creating with their own voice. It’s for those people who really want to dig into telling their own true unique story through their art. Module 2 can only be taken with Module 1. M2 can not be purchased on its own. The lessons in module 1 will be used extensively to study other people’s styles & techniques and students will use those lessons as a springboard to explore and develop their own style. Module 2 comes with an in depth style development workbook and several videos, PDFs and meditations by myself and guest artists.

Sounds great right?  Book your EARLY BIRD spot HERE to enjoy the savings.

Still not persuaded you?
Have a watch at this cute video

and don't forget I'm still giving away a free place in EVER AFTER class plus a hand coloured mermaid print.  To be in with a chance of winning, share this blog post across your social media (don't forget to tag me so I can see it), and leave a comment below.

Can't wait to see you in class!
 Rachelle x

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Kate said...

Hi Rachelle, has the winner of the lovely mermaid print and workshop place been announced yet? Kate