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Undersea Adventures... Cultivate Art Collective Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to the Cultivate Art Collective’s Sea Art Blog Hop!  Our Blog Hop is a collaboration of 10 diverse artists from the collective who will be exhibiting together at Surtex May 18- 20, 2014.  For our very first Blog Hop we chose a “Sea” theme to be interpreted, re-imagined and beautifully designed by each artist to showcase their unique vision and creative talents.

After you have checked out my Sea Themed Art please keep the Blog Hop Hopping and scroll down to the bottom of the post to find links to the other 9 fabulous artists!

I decided to work in my usual style to create the little 'icons' or images.

Once finished, I used a fineliner to ink in the outlines and details.  I worked with exactly the same method for the rest of my images too.

Be sure to go visit the rest of the group by clicking their names below. (you'll be taken to each members blog or website).
Be sure to say Hi.

Stunningly Strange
Rizty Design
Diane Hunt Studio
Margaret Applin Designs
Just Mary Designs
Tatyana Starikova
Jami Darwin
Robo Roku
Aileen Tu

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Rachelle x


Mary Sterk said...

I love how she's holding the fish by the tail!

Rachelle Panagarry said...

Thank you Mary, she was fun to create!