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What's my name?

What's my name?

Well for those of you who have been following along on Facebook, you'll know that I'm currently working on my new Children's Book.  Although I'm not sharing any other story details right now, I am sharing that the main character is a seagull.  I ran a mini call for name suggestions, to which 179 of you responded!  I'm loving all the ideas, and I have picked one of the names for him (I will use this name in the book along with a credit given to the person who suggested it.) 
before I announce the name, I thought it would be fun to have a little competition. 
The winner of this competition (I'm hoping for 5 of you) will win a signed Limited Edition print of the seagull shown above.  He is the initial sketch for the main character.
So, before you start to leave your comments, here are a couple of clues.

The seagull is a boy

His name starts with S

To enter, leave your name suggestion as a comment.  The closest ones (spelling differences will be allowed) will be put into a hat and I'll draw out 5 winners.

Rachelle x

I'll announce the 5 winners along with the name at midnight Friday 28th March (GMT)


Paper Love...

 Joining the Paper Love Blog Hop seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to join like-minded paper loving creative souls, thank you for following along and letting me share a little of my paper love with you.

To say I have a love of paper is probably true.  It's one of those funny things that you maybe don't want everyone to know about, but it's also something you cannot deny when you walk into any store filled with stationary.  I get more excitement these days at the prospect of buying beautiful paper than beautiful shoes - and that's the truth. Of course there are different 'types' of paper...

There's the real fancy stuff - the kind you keep carefully stashed away and get out every now and then to just look at, or maybe run your fingers over it.  You always intend to use it, but it's just too nice and so you save it until the time is right.  

Then there's the old stuff, the kind of paper you might pick up from a thrift store or car boot sale.  It has that certain musty smell, and sometimes if it's old enough, it crumbles in your hands.  I really like using pieces of old papers in my collage work, I think it adds a little touch of history.

I adore handmade papers, in fact my love of mulberry paper has even led to me having art projects published.  I love how the fibres in the paper make the paint bleed to produce the most amazing magical effects, totally out of control, but magical all the same.

Then, you have the cartridge paper that you get in sketchbooks.  I don't know what it is, but when I'm faced with a blank one of these I'm sometimes thrown into a state of sudden fear.  Who would have thought that paper could hold such power against a grown woman?

But I think some of the best papers are the scraps.  The bits you think you'll never use, the bit's covered in doodles or splashes of ink. 

 I love these neglected little scraps because when you put them all together, 
add a little paint and maybe some pen, 
you can get something 

Rachelle x

If you want to follow along with the Paper Love blog hop,can click through the names below.

The PaperLove Blog Hop is a celebration of all things paper! Follow the links to discover more bloggers who love paper and use it to inspire and delight. And if you want to explore a whole world of paper, and stretch your paper passion further with a host of creative projects, why not join the innovative new online course PaperLove (starts March 31). Led by book artist Rachel Hazell, PaperLove is a five week creative adventure for paper lovers. 
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Undersea Adventures... Cultivate Art Collective Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to the Cultivate Art Collective’s Sea Art Blog Hop!  Our Blog Hop is a collaboration of 10 diverse artists from the collective who will be exhibiting together at Surtex May 18- 20, 2014.  For our very first Blog Hop we chose a “Sea” theme to be interpreted, re-imagined and beautifully designed by each artist to showcase their unique vision and creative talents.

After you have checked out my Sea Themed Art please keep the Blog Hop Hopping and scroll down to the bottom of the post to find links to the other 9 fabulous artists!

I decided to work in my usual style to create the little 'icons' or images.

Once finished, I used a fineliner to ink in the outlines and details.  I worked with exactly the same method for the rest of my images too.

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Be sure to say Hi.

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Rachelle x