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Exciting news...

I love it when the things that you dream of begin to start to happen.  Of course it doesn't just happen, it takes lot's of hard work and self belief along motivation to make it work, but when it all comes together it's just great.
One of the things that I've been working on is getting prepared for going to Surtex this year as part of Cultivate Art Collective . Venturing out into the Art Licensing world is a huge step for me and one I'm taking along with studying for a Masters Degree - probably not the best idea I had for doing these both at the same time but I figured that there's no reason why I can't do both.  Nothing ventured right?  Art Licensing is a whole new and huge market with endless possibilities for all kinds of art adventures.  The kind of art I'm making for Surtex is a little different from the mixed-media stuff you'll be used to seeing here, and different from my illustration work (which I'm going to start sharing more of). But it's lot's of fun to do, as well as trying to keep in mind who might be my client.  It's a whole new learning curve for me, but you know how I love to set new challenges and learn new things.

This chick is a close up from my promo flyer for Surtex, you can see the complete image below.

It was fun to make this, and also filled me with fear too.  When you consider this has the potential to be seen by 7,000+ visitors to the show you can imagine how it felt to make.
Technique wise, I used watercolor to paint the flowers in the border, then everything else was painted again using watercolor but then cut out and stuck down.

The next step is to create designs and collections of designs to go in my portfolio, here's a little sneaky peek for some initial ideas that I have been playing around with in my journal.

Cultivate Art Collective also have a promo video out featuring some of my art that you can watch HERE

In other news, I'll be taking part in the PaperLove blog hop on March 10, you can find out more HERE

Rachelle x


grainne lambert said...

Your work is stunning...so much talent!! Xox

Creatively yours Fi said...

I admire your work so much Rachelle. You're an inspiration to me. I was wearing your singlet with your Art Eye Candy chic - Creative chic yesterday and I always feel so happy in it....xX

Rachelle Panagarry said...

Thank you so much Grainne xo

Rachelle Panagarry said...

That's so kind of you to say so Fiona! Oh I'm so happy to hear that you love your singlet :) I love to wear mine too.