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Perfect Palette

Today I thought I'd show you a few snaps of something I'm working on.  It's not finished yet and it still needs a few bits doing.  It's mixed media on canvas 22.5" x 18" too so it's much bigger than my usual size canvasses.

I used the mulberry paper on the face To learn how to use it CLICK HERE

I used torn strips of collage papers and pages from old books for the hair.

For the top, I used a sheet of fibre that I'd saved from the wrapping on some flowers I'd received.  I used it because the fibres look like clothing fibres. It's very cool stuff.

This is the stage where it is at now, I still want to work on the background some more and add details to the hair but overall I'm pretty pleased.  My palette is linked to this one from Design Seeds

(I'm using this palette to create some artwork for my upcoming show at Surtex in New York.)

Exciting times ahead!

Rachelle x

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Creatively yours Fi said...

mmm yummy! Perfect! Can't wait to see your creations for the show :)