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Life Book - a celebration post

It's been far too long since my last post here so please do accept my apologies for keeping you waiting.  For todays post I'm sharing a celebration of the FABULOUS artwork done by the students of my recent Life Book lesson.  For the lesson, we worked with that very fabulous 'bleed' technique that you get with Mulberry Paper - if you missed Life Book but want to try it for yourself then you can do this in my PORTRAIT CANDY workshop HERE.
But for now, I'd like to show off the fantastic work done by the students. 
Drumroll please...
(each artist is credited under their piece)

Hyla Waldron
(visit her website HERE)

Cary Cutler Scholes

Conversationally Crafty

Bonnie Fowler

Suzanne Snow Rogalsky

Denise Miller

Margriet van der Zee

Sally Haultain

Susan Burgess

Jennifer Koss

Courtney Lemmons

Mary Kaye Wells

Alice Irvan

Liezel Hillier

Karen Schmalenberg

Marianne Velis Goodell

Amazing work right?

I've been so blown away to see the work that the students have been creating, such difference and diversity and all from the same lesson.
Thank You all for allowing me to share your art, to say I'm a proud teacher is a total understatement.

Rachelle x

p.s If you're not here but would like to be featured on another post, just contact me via the LifeBook group on FB and I'll feature your page too.


Marianne said...

Rachelle, thank you for your fabulous instruction and for sharing such a unique technique. I'm honored to have my piece amongst such beautiful art.

arttage said...

So much fun seeing my work on your blog! I always admire and try to emulate your inspirations.Hugs and thanks,Sanna

Creatively yours Fi said...

wow! Inspirational :) I haven't finished mine but thoroughly enjoyed your lesson Rachelle xX I hope to finish it when I have the luxury of some
"Time" Thanks for sharing!

Hyla said...

Loved the lesson! Thank you! <3

Rachelle Panagarry said...

This was such a fantastic class, and I'm so happy to share this fabulous artwork here!

Danielle said...

Awesome work by everyone! Very lovely blog!!