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Spread your wings (part one)

So I've been pretty quiet for some time, but I've been very, very busy.  I'm just about getting over my jetlag, plus a stinky bug that I think I picked up on the plane, so I thought I'd better get around to showing what exactly I have been up to.
You might remember, or may have noticed the button in the sidebar for the event I was teaching at Charity Wings in San Marcos, CA. Well, it was last weekend. I was so busy leading up to it, and so overcome with excitement that I couldn't concentrate long enough to blog about it, but now that I'm back home I can show you what I got up to.  I'll split this post into two parts because I have tons of pictures to show.
So, here goes Part One.

This is the HUGE ENORMOUS Charity Wings Art Centre, it's totally fabulous and actually even bigger than it looks on the picture.  I was actually standing about a five meters in from the back wall when I took this!

We had lovely goodie bags for all the class participants and a fancy name tag too!  Mine is now hanging in my studio (thanks Sheila!)

Next job was to set up the tables,

these were the boxes we would be working on.  Pretty cool hey?!

Lovely students getting down to making fabulous art.

This is my sample piece half way through, just before we add the watercolor paint.

Here, the paint has been added and left to dry and I've made a start on the pencil crayon.

Student work (by Denise)

Nancy adding her watercolor paint.  You can see we all had fans, it was a really hot day!

Next, we used woodburning tools to apply patterns and decoration to the sides of our boxes.

Our class photo.
I'm so proud to see this, the fabulous fun students and their fantastic boxes!
Well done everyone!
(can you spot Jamie Dougherty?)

and this is mine.

It was one of the best experiences of my life teaching at Charity Wings, and not only that but it was also one of my dreams to do this.  Remember the intention journal I did back at the start of 2012?  Well, I'm very pleased to say that this was the last of my goals to tick off from that list.

But, that's not all I got up to.
You'll have to check back for Part Two to see the rest of my adventures over the pond.

Rachelle x

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Gez Butterworth said...

How WONDERFUL Rachelle & so exciting to read about your time at Charity Wings. Can't wait for part 2!
Hope you can get lots of rest now and soon feel tip top again.xx

Hugs, Gez