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Liberate your inner awesome...

I always used to think of myself as a 'creative chick', especially when I was younger in my art college days. I loved to follow fashion and music as well as the latest new artists on the block.  I devoured everything creative.  As I got older and started doing the 'sensible' things like getting a job and have a family, I moved away from that creative feeling - not intentionally, it just happened.
But I'm really happy to say that in the last couple of years,  I've felt that 'creative chick' feeling coming back.  You can even see it in my clothing choices, jewellery I wear and hopefully, my artwork. (and of course the trails of sequins, papers bits and other things that seems to spread around the house of their own accord).
As you know, I've been taking part in an online course Make Art That Sells, and the last assignment was to create some images for wall art.  Here's what I did...

I worked on 8"x8" canvas for each of the pieces for the collection.
You'll notice the color-way is the same for all three too, that's because part of the brief was to work to a given color palette.  Mine was blue and orange.

Each piece also needed a quote, I used rubber stamps to apply mine.
(the one above was submitted for the assignment - you could only choose one)

They were tons of fun to create...
and following lots of requests, they'll soon be available as prints on Etsy.

In more lovely news, I'm very proud to share our new sponsor with you.
It's the very fabulous and creative Denise Phillips
Birdnuts Mixed Media Studio.
Denise creates fantastic mixed media lovelies that she shares on her blog, 
the best thing is that she host tons of brilliant giveaways too
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Well the sun is shining here... Summer has arrived.

Have a lovely day,

Rachelle x


Denise J. Phillips said...

Thank You so Much Dear Girl!!!
I've been so Inspired by your Art for
years now, and I'm thrilled to be a
Sponsor for your Wonderful Blog and
Many Ventures!!! Mwha! xoxo :)

Rachelle Panagarry said...

Oh youre very welcome, I very proud to have you sponsor the blog, LOVE your art so much. Here's to many arty adventures!