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The girl(s) who wanted to fly - part ONE

(all artwork by Heidi Mc Donald)

I've been thinking for a while about this.  It's something I'm always very curious about.  That is, how you go from the 'pay your bills' job to following your arty dreams.  I love to read interviews and features where fellow arty chicks tell their story.  I'm interested to know their stories, as I am sure you are too.
So, for this blog post, it's not me that's going to be sharing, and showing (well, apart from this bit), today it is the turn of my very first guest...
(drumroll please)
the fabulously talented and all round cool chick

Over to Heidi....

The Girl Who Wanted To Fly

After Art school i thought "That's it ! I am a proper Artist and now i am going to get a proper artists job" 
Not being that straight forward i found myself with a shiny new Art Degree working in a curtain shop so i could pay my rent and a night working away on ideas and getting freelance designs jobs here and there. 
I hated working in a curtain shop and would wonder when my time when i could be a real artist ! Not realising i already was, i just needed to feel it.
My dreams of turning my passion of art and design into a career went on hold after many years of ill health, the freelance work dried up and i packed up my art stuff thinking it was all too late for that.
Life and my health turned around and i found a unstoppable thirst to get back into drawing, to make, to create.
How amazing that now the creative world had opened up with the internet and i was able to connect with amazing talent, read inspiring blogs, immerse myself in workshops and read how other artists had grown there dreams into reality.
The time felt right to take the leap and so...
I took a part time job and started to think beyond the sketchbook.
Setting up my Etsy shop was the big leap for me, i made the decision and within months i was up and running, Etsy has been great a wonderful place to sell, and such a thrill to know my  art has reached the corners of the globe.It has lead to my agent finding me !! Commissions and meeting many talented people
Now with a agent in place i am working on broadening my horizons, with children's books, summer exhibitions and hopefully keep building my art, learning and growing.

So what made me go for it ?
I felt it was all passing me by waiting to be a artist...i was one and when i realised that i had the confidence to start selling my art.
Am i making a living from it ? No not yet but i have faith, it's not a overnight thing ! Dreams take work and they don't land through your post box so i have to work for it and just keep the faith ! Que- Jon BonJovi - Keep The Faith *dances round studio* :) 

If you'd like to follow Heidi's adventures, you can find her blog HERE
she has a fab little shop HERE

Thanks so much to Heidi for this fantastic little insight into how she got started,
more tales of the Girls Who Wanted to Fly coming soon.

Rachelle x

p.s. I'm taking a weeks vacation to have a little de-stress, the shop and workshop will re-open on June 15th.


Kitty Pinkstars said...

I LOVE this!!!! And Heidi is my favourite artist on the planet! Great interview!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful whimsical art you do! I appreciate you sharing your creative journey and wish you great success!

Lynn Richards said...

Great interview!!

Rachelle Panagarry said...

Thank You so much Heidi for letting us have a little peek into you cute little whimsical world... I adore your art!