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Somewhere over the rainbow...

I can't really begin to explain how excited I am about this, but I'll try.
I bought my first copy of Somerset Studio over 10 years ago whilst I was on vacation in Florida.  As I flicked through the pages, my eyes were opened at the artwork, the articles and everything else.  I'd never seen magazine publications like this and Cloth, Paper Scissors in the UK, and it was so good to see there were lots of creative people out there.  The page that really struck me at the time was the call for submissions.  I was really excited to see that they allowed you to send in artwork for possible publication.  That was something I'd do.  The possibility of seeing something I'd made in print was something to aim for.
But then, as often happens, life took over.  My priorities switched to work and family and not so much making art.  It's only in the last twelve months that I have actually gathered the courage to send art into publications or approach licensing agents, and yes of course I've not always been successful, BUT just lately, something seems to have switched and now I have.  You can probably hear my squeals of excitement where you are.
These four mixed media canvases are the very first things that I made once I got back to art, and as it turned out, they fit the brief for a submission at the beginning of this year.  And what do you know...
They got published!
(and of course they are OZ themed, my obsession with everything OZ still continues)

Sometimes, you just have to go for it and start to take steps to make things happen for you.


If you'd like to see them close up, you'll find them in the May/June issue of Somerset Studio.

Ok, I'll stop squealing now!

Rachelle x


Janet Ghio said...

I saw these in Somerset yesterday, but didn't look at the name-!Congratulations

Michellem said...

Congratulations!!! How exciting for you - My dream is to make it into Somerset myself one day but need to get the courage to submit first - so happy you did - I'm a big fan of your colorful work!

Autumn Hathaway said...

Congratulations! Very exciting and nicely done work. I look forward to seeing it in print.

Carolyn Phillips said...

How exciting for you. Congratulations.

Sue Marrazzo said...


Flutter Before You said...

Congratulations Rachelle! I haven't seen the issue out yet, but will have to pick that one up. I love striking up a conversation with the lady next to me in the magazine isle, hey this is my friends work, isn't it wonderful! :) Congrats!

artlover said...

I love your story!
Congratulations xox

Stampington and Company said...

No, don't stop squealing! It just so happens that I'm OBSESSED with Oz too. :) Your art is stunning. We're so glad you had the courage to submit your canvases!

With <3,
Bethany Michaels
Somerset Place Blog Manager
Stampington & Company

Stampington and Company said...

Oh p.s. if anyone wants a copy of Somerset Studio, here is the link! :)


Rachelle Panagarry said...

I'm still squeeling, I think it will go on for a long time! Thank you everyone for your lovely comments, it was something I'd wanted to do for so long, and it was SO worth it when I did. My advice is, just go for it, follow your dreams and see what follows.