f March 2013 - Art Eye Candy

Easter Greetings...

Wishing you all a very 
Happy Easter

Rachelle x


Stuck for words...

It doesn't happen very often with me - or at least it didn't use to, but just lately I have found myself feeling a little stuck for words.  Not the words to speak in conversations, but more the words to write down.  But to make things worse, it's not only te writing that's been afflicted, but the creativity too - and that DOES feel like a strange thing.
It's a tricky time at home right now, (I'm still caring for my father), and it's all probably down to the stress of everything, or at least that's what I'm blaming for my quietness.
I guess I can't be sunny and upbeat all of the time.
So, just lately I've been distracting myself on Pinterest and browsing collections of fabulous arty images looking for a little inspiration.  It's working all right, I've now got ideas buzzing around to try out.
You can go see what I'm pinning HERE . Pinterest is one of those online resources that you can quite easily get swept away in (you have been warned) but it's great at the same time.

I did manage to create this piece,
she's done using the 'bleeding' technique that I teach in my Portrait Candy workshop.
It's been a while since I made a piece just for fun, most recent things have been for commission requests or other bits and bobs, so she was fun, and provided a little escapism too.

Looking back at this little post now, I realise that I'm not as stuck for words as I thought...
It's amazing what a little tidy of the studio and tapping on a laptop can do for you!

Have a lovely day 

Rachelle x

(iPad doodles)

OTHER NEWS - I almost forgot,
I'm going to close my Etsy shop for the month of April whilst I get on making new fabulous items and other stuff BUT lots of the much loved items will still be there, plus new things too.

You will still be able to join workshops through the blog or workshop website.



Happy Mothers Day...

Happy Mother's Day to all my UK friends.
This is me with my Mum some time in the early 1970's, it makes me laugh to see this, 
I was a huge baby... poor Mum!

And now of course, I'm a Mum too.
This is what I was greeted with this morning...

How sweet...
this was written inside.

My other grown up baby came home to visit too.

So now for a little family time, and a little arty time too!

Have a lovely day 

Rachelle x

Paper Chick mini workshop is open for registration.
It's another $10 workshop and is due to start March 15th.
for more details.