f February 2013 - Art Eye Candy

Tickled Pink (part two)

So I finally got around to finishing her off...

this time I worked into her hair with pencil crayons, just to mix it up a little, and I'm loving how she turned out.

she's even got a little Alice detail too.

She's a little pink chick.
The original has now SOLD, but
if you'd like to take her home with you,
prints are also available
in the shop.

I think my next project might just be a painting, I've kind of got ideas spinning around my head right now so I think it's probably time I got something on paper and make it come to life.

Rachelle x

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Tickled Pink (part one)

My thing for today is...
ask for what you want, and it might just come true.
So I've asked, and now I wait.
A girl's gotta fill her waiting time right? So I thought I'd get on with something new.

I didn't have a particular direction when I started, I was just gathering paper scraps, and they ended up being quite floral and pink!
(so not like the usual me!)

 Next, I did a little sketch.

got a little painty 
(acrylic that is)

then went in for the 'bleed'!
LOVE doing this technique.

When it was dry, I used a little pencil crayon...

and finally cut her out to decide where to place her.

I'm still deciding.
Look out for the 'part two' of this post to see what happens next,
and I'll go back to waiting for my answer.

Rachelle x

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Happy Valentines Day...

Rachelle x

Into the blue...

Sometimes you just have to put yourself out there and Go for it.  You have to take a huge jump into the blue, and who knows how you will be rewarded.

I LoVe blue...

Guess what,

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Rachelle x