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Happy New 2013


This year I'm going to dream a little bigger, at least bigger than last year.
If you'd asked me a year ago to think up the things that I could accomplish in 12 months (artistically that is) I may have had some ideas and dreams, but what has unfolded has been more than I could ever have hoped for.
So this year,
this year I'm going to really GO FOR IT,
I am going to dream a little bigger, after all, is there a limit?

Let's do it...

Rachelle x

P.S, this year I'm offering a fantastic 12 month workshop 'My Candy' (that starts this week), that shows and teaches the steps that I took to get here today... I really hope you can join me.

p.p.s if you like the pictures, they are part of the PORTRAIT CANDY workshop... I show you how to make her as part of the class!


Blog 54 said...

Love this artwork Rachelle...you are so inspirational...you are right; dream a little bigger for 2013...I will thank you xox

Love all your artwork...if you had a gallery I'd be lost in it all day long!!! xox

Charlotte Phillips said...

I love the colors...I am painting an angel named Rachelle.
I love to paint too.
I hope you have a wonderful day.
I love your paintings.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Rachelle! ; )

I ❤ your new insight and take on this 2013!! Wishing you the best! It is always good to dream big & to reach your goals!!

Love always,
Elizabeth Aviles