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Every day I'm journalling...

I love it when an idea comes together, and just lately my head has been FULL of ideas.
I'm always throwing them around and thinking of new arty adventures, but just lately there seem to be much more spinning around inside than usual.
It's quite surprising really because it was only about two weeks ago when I felt as though my mojo had vanished completely and I was twiddling my thumbs trying desperately to think something creative at all.  I guess it happens to all of us, but thankfully it's only been short lived this time and I'm back on track and back getting very messy.

today has been the final session of JOURNAL CANDY workshop, so I thought I'd give you another sneaky peek from today's class.
(it's not closed, it's now a self-paced class)

and now that this class is done, my mind has immediately jumped to new ideas for at least another three workshops.
before I go ahead and get carried away with all that, I think I'm going to get back to just making art, doing some journalling and generally having a little 'me time' to restock the creative flow.

what do you think?

Rachelle x

(oh and look at this little snippet of student art from JOURNAL CANDY)


bella lullo said...

Bellissimo journal candy!

Lynn Richards said...

Love the journal! The colors are amazing...

carol said...

I tried to sign up for the owl class this am and it would not take a state from the USA or my credit card.
I've never seen you do an owl but I like your style and price so I was definitely going to take the chance-let me know what to do.
I want to start today with the rest of the class so hopefully you get this message.