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50 shades of color...

 Probably one of the most inspirational things to me when I'm making art is color.  I just can't get enough of it.  No matter how much I try to 'tone it down' or change things, I still come back to the color.
It's almost always the starting point for a piece and usually it's the color that determines where art will go.
I'll show you what I mean.
Just recently I have been making classes for JOURNAL CANDY and one of those sessions is based on color, the colors of India.
So rich and diverse, you can't go wrong with India as a starting point.  so for this post, I thought I'd mix in a few photos alongside the artwork to show you where the inspiration comes from.
(oh and the pictures are blurry, they are taken from the JC class, you can see them clearly in class)


What inspires you?

Rachelle x


Stacie said...

Gorgeous! Love all the colors and seeing where you get some of your inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Love the colors and the phptps you have posted...
what me inspires...life :-)

bella lullo said...

Sei una bellissima fonte di ispirazione! I am follow you!