f January 2013 - Art Eye Candy

Every day I'm journalling...

I love it when an idea comes together, and just lately my head has been FULL of ideas.
I'm always throwing them around and thinking of new arty adventures, but just lately there seem to be much more spinning around inside than usual.
It's quite surprising really because it was only about two weeks ago when I felt as though my mojo had vanished completely and I was twiddling my thumbs trying desperately to think something creative at all.  I guess it happens to all of us, but thankfully it's only been short lived this time and I'm back on track and back getting very messy.

today has been the final session of JOURNAL CANDY workshop, so I thought I'd give you another sneaky peek from today's class.
(it's not closed, it's now a self-paced class)

and now that this class is done, my mind has immediately jumped to new ideas for at least another three workshops.
before I go ahead and get carried away with all that, I think I'm going to get back to just making art, doing some journalling and generally having a little 'me time' to restock the creative flow.

what do you think?

Rachelle x

(oh and look at this little snippet of student art from JOURNAL CANDY)


Step inside!

Today, I thought I'd do something a little different.
Today, I'm going to let you have a sneaky peek inside my little home studio.  One of my friends asked recently about how and where I work, and usually it's very messy (creatively messy of course) but today I had a tidy up ready to start a new project so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to show her and you.
So, without further a do,
step inside!

cute isn't it?

So now I'm off to make a mess again,
(and make art).

Rachelle x

50 shades of color...

 Probably one of the most inspirational things to me when I'm making art is color.  I just can't get enough of it.  No matter how much I try to 'tone it down' or change things, I still come back to the color.
It's almost always the starting point for a piece and usually it's the color that determines where art will go.
I'll show you what I mean.
Just recently I have been making classes for JOURNAL CANDY and one of those sessions is based on color, the colors of India.
So rich and diverse, you can't go wrong with India as a starting point.  so for this post, I thought I'd mix in a few photos alongside the artwork to show you where the inspiration comes from.
(oh and the pictures are blurry, they are taken from the JC class, you can see them clearly in class)


What inspires you?

Rachelle x


We had warnings on the TV, got out the hats, gloves and boots in preparation then...
Nothing!  Well, ok, actually about a cm, but surely you see my point.  When you have a Little Miss so excited for snow (plus me of course), it's so disappointing when it doesn't really come through, and worse still, other areas of the country are COVERED in the white stuff.
So I guess for the weekend at least we will have to do something else and get a little creative at home.

and, you might have noticed the new fresh look of the blog.
What do you think?
I also changed around the look of the SHOP  and the 
WORKSHOP too, come take a peek.
I'm thinking these colors look a little fresher for the new year and of course the new possibilities that lie ahead.

I'm amazed how things are taking off, so much better than I ever could have imagined, especially with the workshops.
PORTRAIT CANDY is filling up so fast, and only has a few spaces left until class is completely full... woo hoooooo!

 (little mixed media playing cards)

Here's to possibilities!

but before I go,
keep your fingers crossed for me, 
and let's hope for SNOW!

Rachelle x


Happy New 2013


This year I'm going to dream a little bigger, at least bigger than last year.
If you'd asked me a year ago to think up the things that I could accomplish in 12 months (artistically that is) I may have had some ideas and dreams, but what has unfolded has been more than I could ever have hoped for.
So this year,
this year I'm going to really GO FOR IT,
I am going to dream a little bigger, after all, is there a limit?

Let's do it...

Rachelle x

P.S, this year I'm offering a fantastic 12 month workshop 'My Candy' (that starts this week), that shows and teaches the steps that I took to get here today... I really hope you can join me.

p.p.s if you like the pictures, they are part of the PORTRAIT CANDY workshop... I show you how to make her as part of the class!