f November 2012 - Art Eye Candy

Into the light...

Ok, so you've probably noticed that I appear to have been 'in hiding', or at least not really around recently.  
Well let me explain...
I went back to full time teaching after the summer holidays, and once again I found it really tricky to fit everything in. 
(I'm sure you working Moms know what I mean).

But now, some of you who are my friends over on facebook or follow my instagram feed will know that just recently, I have got back to making art again.  

It feels SO good to finally have the time to follow my dream and embrace creativity.

But how did I do it?

Well, I have taken a break from my teaching career for now, to pursue my art and other things close to my heart.

it was hearing about my father being taken ill that prompted it, 
despite being through bad news, it has turned out to be the best thing.

I can now get up and see my Little Miss every morning before she goes to school (something I used to miss with early starts at work), and I can spend lots of time with Dad and the rest of the family. 

 And now, 
now that I am beginning to breathe again, 
now I can make art too.

I've come back into the light.

always dream

Rachelle x