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Snail Mail...

It's been a frustrating week...
not with work, or home life,
oh no.
It's been a frustrating week with the mail.
Snail Mail to be exact.

I love the opportunity that I have been given to share my art around the globe with some very lovely people, I am truly blessed (and very grateful).
But just recently, the postal system seems to be living up to it's name 'snail mail' and it is taking so very long to send items that usually only take a few days.
I'm not sure what is going on, perhaps it's a new bunch of snails doing the postal run, but whatever it is, it's frustrating.
So I'm waiting patiently (as are some of my very lovely customers) for the post to arrive.
I can only apologise on behalf of the international postal service,
and keep my fingers crossed that my little packages of Art Eye Candy all arrive safely at their destinations very SOON.

Talking of mail,
I designed some new stamps...

how cool are they?!
I'll be sending them out on Art Eye Candy packages very soon.

Some good news is that this week saw the final session of my first online class
Chick Candy Mixed Media Workshop.

It's been a great success, and the best news is that it is now available to take as a 
'self paced' style class.
Here's the pitch...
its filled with video tutorials, 25 downloads that include two exclusive artwork prints just for students.
Sound good?
You can sign up anytime (click the link at the top menu tab)
And if youre feeling a little curious as to what you'll be learning,
these chicks (on today's post) were taught in the class.

hope to see you in class.

Rachelle x


Elizabeth said...

Love your bloge Rachelle Panagarry! <3

Shelly Penko said...

Love the stamps and all the art! I know, sometimes the mail can be very slow...the good news is, I've been shipping lots of packages for many years and I think only one or two international packages (out of hundreds) ever got lost "permanently". I've had them take a month to arrive, but almost always, they get there! Good luck! ♥

Andrea Watts said...

I love your art! I came across it on etsy...great work!

arttage said...

I still haven'thadtime to view mhy class from you yet Rachelle, hopefully soon though. I been doing shows, busibess cards, a tv interview, a fund raiser where yhey auctioned off a piece of my art, plus the house and kids and pets and still making art doing swaps running groups sorta. Looking forward to making some of you style art candy. Got the panels. Hugs, Sanna

Rachelle said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Oh thanks, thats a lovely thing to say... hope to see you here again soon.
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Shelley,
thanks for stopping by the blog today. I have good news on my lost post, it arrived after taking 61 days to come from the US. it had got lost in the British Virgin Islands. What an adventure.

Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Andrea.
It's so great you found the blog too, thanks for looking me up.

Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Sanna,

WoW you sound really busy... cant wait to see what you create.

Rachelle x

rappy said...

your style is soooooo very cool....love everything you do.