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Checking in...

It's been days since my last posting...
so much has happened.

I met with the art licensing representative to show my first run of designs, I was SO nervous that I even had artist block for a while, not something that happens very often, but it did.
She took my selection of designs (some you can see in the sneaky peek above) so now I just wait to see how they are received.  I've already made a start on my next designs, which although I cannot show in their entirety, I will show a peek as soon as they are done.
I'm pleased how these turned out even though they do still need a little tweaking until they are perfect.  I'm loving the little owl so much.

In other news, I'm back at work from today, hence the reason for my absence recently.  I have been prepping my classes and classroom ready for the new children and it's been lots of fun looking for new accessories and thinking of new teaching ideas.

Speaking of classes, my online workshop is now coming up to it's fourth session and is going really great.  The students taking part are producing some really fabulous Chick Candy.
I'll be re-launching the registration in a couple of weeks, that's when the workshop becomes a 'learn at your own pace' style class. Oh, and I'll be releasing the next workshop, Journal Candy, in October.  So yes, it is back to the juggling again... 
Little Miss had her first day at 'big school' today too.
Busy, busy.

So now I'm off to bed for an early night ready to start it all again tomorrow.
Life is never dull.

Rachelle x


Shi said...

I like the 'happy' girl and the owls, I like the direction you're heading in Rachelle!

Creatively yours Fi said...

I did notice you were quieter than normal :) How exciting!! Great to read what you've been up to! I love that owl x

Gez said...

FAB sneak peaks!

Take care, it sounds very hectic for you right now!

Oooh, another yummy class to look forward too!

Good luck with everything xx

Rachelle said...

Hi Shiloh, how are you.

I like this style too, it took a lot of getting used to for me as I'm not such a 'girly girl' but they are fun.

Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi fi,

yes, work got very busy for a while but hopefully now, it has settled into a regular routine. Hope to get in some arty time again. i love the owl too, he took ages but he's very sweet.

Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Gez,
thank you for stopping in, I'm trying my best to get more organised...

Rachelle x