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It's been two weeks since my last blog post... 
I've been swept away in the business of life, art, family and everything else and time has just flown by.  Can you believe it's already the end of September?!

I may have been busy, but i have still been making some art...
This piece that I worked on this week is for the Altered brush project hosted by Donna Downey. 
(thank you Bernice for giving me the push to do it)
Here's the progress pics, and I'll post you the link at the end just incase you fancy having a go too.

So, basically the idea is this...
you send off for a paint brush and alter it, then send it back for display in Donna's studio.

Here's my little contribution.

I gessoed the brush all over to begin with (both sides and including the metal bit, which I didn't bother sanding, but it would have made things easier).  the gesso took a while to dry completely, especially on the bristles, but it did make them all hard for working on.

next, I drew my image in pencil, and basically acted as though the brush was just an ordinary work surface, and I went about creating the rest in my usual way. (even though a brush is a lot more fiddly than a regular piece of paper)

This is after I gave her a first wash of watercolor (it's still wet in the photo) and surprisingly it worked quite well and kept it's color on the bristles.  After it had dried, I then used my old faithful pencil crayons for more color, interest and a little fancy detail adding.

Here's how she turned out.

Oh, and I'm sharing a top tip...
I ran out of fixative spray (to keep the watercolor and pencil from running in the gloss coat) so I used some hairspray,  it worked a treat, and is SOOOO much cheaper than fixative spray.

I LOVE how she turned out and I'll be sorry to send her off (I'd quite like to keep her myself) but I've decided to make a few more (to keep and sell).

You may be wondering what else i've been up to,
well I have moved the Little Miss into her own 'big girls bedroom' and taken over her old room (once a bathroom in a former life) and made it into an art studio.
I have a STUDIO.
 Oh how I love to say that.
Now I really do feel like a real artist with a studio and everything. Hee hee.

this is just one side... Look at the brush.
And yes, little Miss loves to create in there too.
Here she is, still in pyjamas, making paper chains on a Saturday morning.

Simple pleasures.

Rachelle x

P.S If you want to find out more about the Altered Brush Project, 
to visit Donna Downey's blog.


Shelly Penko said...

Love this! And a brand new studio! WooHoo!!! Now I want to make an altered brush too...thanks for sharing the process! ♥

sandi tygar said...

Congrats on the new studio!!! Love the brush - that turned out soooo cool!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I have always been amused to be here....simply an awesome post..

Marjie Kemper said...

What a beautiful brush! I'll pin it to my brush board... I have one on Donna's wall too. Congrats on your new space!

Jenni D'Amato said...