f September 2012 - Art Eye Candy


It's been two weeks since my last blog post... 
I've been swept away in the business of life, art, family and everything else and time has just flown by.  Can you believe it's already the end of September?!

I may have been busy, but i have still been making some art...
This piece that I worked on this week is for the Altered brush project hosted by Donna Downey. 
(thank you Bernice for giving me the push to do it)
Here's the progress pics, and I'll post you the link at the end just incase you fancy having a go too.

So, basically the idea is this...
you send off for a paint brush and alter it, then send it back for display in Donna's studio.

Here's my little contribution.

I gessoed the brush all over to begin with (both sides and including the metal bit, which I didn't bother sanding, but it would have made things easier).  the gesso took a while to dry completely, especially on the bristles, but it did make them all hard for working on.

next, I drew my image in pencil, and basically acted as though the brush was just an ordinary work surface, and I went about creating the rest in my usual way. (even though a brush is a lot more fiddly than a regular piece of paper)

This is after I gave her a first wash of watercolor (it's still wet in the photo) and surprisingly it worked quite well and kept it's color on the bristles.  After it had dried, I then used my old faithful pencil crayons for more color, interest and a little fancy detail adding.

Here's how she turned out.

Oh, and I'm sharing a top tip...
I ran out of fixative spray (to keep the watercolor and pencil from running in the gloss coat) so I used some hairspray,  it worked a treat, and is SOOOO much cheaper than fixative spray.

I LOVE how she turned out and I'll be sorry to send her off (I'd quite like to keep her myself) but I've decided to make a few more (to keep and sell).

You may be wondering what else i've been up to,
well I have moved the Little Miss into her own 'big girls bedroom' and taken over her old room (once a bathroom in a former life) and made it into an art studio.
I have a STUDIO.
 Oh how I love to say that.
Now I really do feel like a real artist with a studio and everything. Hee hee.

this is just one side... Look at the brush.
And yes, little Miss loves to create in there too.
Here she is, still in pyjamas, making paper chains on a Saturday morning.

Simple pleasures.

Rachelle x

P.S If you want to find out more about the Altered Brush Project, 
to visit Donna Downey's blog.

Snail Mail...

It's been a frustrating week...
not with work, or home life,
oh no.
It's been a frustrating week with the mail.
Snail Mail to be exact.

I love the opportunity that I have been given to share my art around the globe with some very lovely people, I am truly blessed (and very grateful).
But just recently, the postal system seems to be living up to it's name 'snail mail' and it is taking so very long to send items that usually only take a few days.
I'm not sure what is going on, perhaps it's a new bunch of snails doing the postal run, but whatever it is, it's frustrating.
So I'm waiting patiently (as are some of my very lovely customers) for the post to arrive.
I can only apologise on behalf of the international postal service,
and keep my fingers crossed that my little packages of Art Eye Candy all arrive safely at their destinations very SOON.

Talking of mail,
I designed some new stamps...

how cool are they?!
I'll be sending them out on Art Eye Candy packages very soon.

Some good news is that this week saw the final session of my first online class
Chick Candy Mixed Media Workshop.

It's been a great success, and the best news is that it is now available to take as a 
'self paced' style class.
Here's the pitch...
its filled with video tutorials, 25 downloads that include two exclusive artwork prints just for students.
Sound good?
You can sign up anytime (click the link at the top menu tab)
And if youre feeling a little curious as to what you'll be learning,
these chicks (on today's post) were taught in the class.

hope to see you in class.

Rachelle x


Checking in...

It's been days since my last posting...
so much has happened.

I met with the art licensing representative to show my first run of designs, I was SO nervous that I even had artist block for a while, not something that happens very often, but it did.
She took my selection of designs (some you can see in the sneaky peek above) so now I just wait to see how they are received.  I've already made a start on my next designs, which although I cannot show in their entirety, I will show a peek as soon as they are done.
I'm pleased how these turned out even though they do still need a little tweaking until they are perfect.  I'm loving the little owl so much.

In other news, I'm back at work from today, hence the reason for my absence recently.  I have been prepping my classes and classroom ready for the new children and it's been lots of fun looking for new accessories and thinking of new teaching ideas.

Speaking of classes, my online workshop is now coming up to it's fourth session and is going really great.  The students taking part are producing some really fabulous Chick Candy.
I'll be re-launching the registration in a couple of weeks, that's when the workshop becomes a 'learn at your own pace' style class. Oh, and I'll be releasing the next workshop, Journal Candy, in October.  So yes, it is back to the juggling again... 
Little Miss had her first day at 'big school' today too.
Busy, busy.

So now I'm off to bed for an early night ready to start it all again tomorrow.
Life is never dull.

Rachelle x