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This week last year I was in Florida,  
in fact this week most years I was in Florida.
Yes I'm a very lucky girl.
We always went on vacation to Florida (I love that place) but this year after the ups and downs of my illness and not really being able to plan ahead too much, 
we decided to stay at home.
And no, 
home is nothing like the sunny delights of Florida, 
but it does have delights,
 and in between the rain showers, it has been sunny too.

Being at home makes you realise two things,
1. how much you love and appreciate going on vacation


2. how much you love just spending time at home.

This 'staycation' has given me the opportunity to make art,
see family and enjoy days out.
The time for making art has been really great and came at just the right time, especially with my recent news of becoming a licensed artist.  This might sound strange to you but I really do feel like a 'real' artist now.  I know some of you might be reading this and thinking 'come on Rachelle, you already are an artist', but being signed up as an 'artist' just adds the icing on the cake.
Does that make sense?

this is something I have been working on, yes it's an owl.
This is just collage at the moment but I'll be working on him some more with paint and pencils and stuff like that.
I won't be able to show him off in his completed state though, but I can show you little sneaky peeks.

I picked up all the ceramics that I did last week.
Ooh I really LOVE making this stuff.
These are just a few of the pieces,
They're little 2.5" charms.
So cute.

The glaze and the firing just make the colors POP.
Here are the little sweet charms in a dish... yes a DISH... oooh now this is SO sweet.
It's probably a good thing that I want to keep everything that I make right?
I suppose at least whoever buys them knows that I LOVED making them.

And last before I go,
after all my excitement of launching my online workshop,
I'm really pleased to report that it's all started off really well and we have even had a few students sign up just after we started.
Can't wait for week two.

Rachelle x


Sue Jorgenson said...

Ooooh. I love staycations. It's so nice to be able to relax and sag into your home, which catches you in its warm, comforting arms...but now it's time for me to venture forth to other places! Enjoy your staycation!

Lynn Richards said...

Sounds like life is GOOD!!!

Introverted Art said...

these buttons are looking so cute.

Gez said...

FAB buttons ♥

I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can join your class later in the year.. new school uniforms have left room for nothing else atm!

Hope you have sunshine today, Gez xx