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Shiny Happy People...

Yes, she IS smiling.
(and yes the image IS blurry, it's not your eyes).

Since my exciting news from last week, apart from the fact that I have not been able to stop smiling, 
I have also been trying my hand at making some 'happier' chicks.
You may think that would be really easy to switch over,
BUT it's actually not so easy as it sounds.
When you smile, or are even about to smile, your face changes slightly and so do your eyes.
So I couldn't draw my usual chicks with their 'thoughtful' eyes, I drew these two instead.
There were others, but they weren't quite so nice.
I'd LOVE to hear your honest opinion as to how you think they look.

I'll be adding color and different poses etc but I wanted to get a more cheery look.

I've got other ideas going around my head too...
it's been so long since I was designing for someone else, apart from my commission artwork, it's a bit like having a brief back at art college.
So you might be seeing a little owl or two soon.

So although I'm on my vacation from school, I've got lots of arty work to do.
That is, of course, after a lovely day out with Mr.P and the Little Miss.

Rachelle x

p.s. workshops ALMOST DONE....


Shelly Penko said...

I really love the first happy girl! She has a wonderful face. And that little owl is adorable! Happy for you! ♥

syda | Kreative Notions said...

I think they're adorable. Love the first happy girl and oddly, I have recently begun to gravitate towards owls. :)

sandi tygar said...

I love the happy girl!!!!!! <3

Debbeescds said...

I love your new chicks.. I think they look adorably mischievous.... xxx