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It's a perfect day...

The sun has been shining here ALL day (unheard of lately)
it's been a lovely day,
in fact it has been a PERFECT day.

Today I went off to the ceramics studio, not for a commission piece, but to create a new
line of 'Daisy Chicks'.
Maybe it was the sunshine that made me do flowers.
Whatever it was that got me started, it was fun.
(in total I did nine pieces)
and this time I made a little dish, a pencil pot, a big mug, a couple of tiles and four little chicks for key chains.

this is a little tile Daisy Chick.
(before glazing and firing)


I have GREAT news.
I have finished making my very first online workshop.
I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about it.
Registration is now open for sign ups.
on the 
tab in the menu bar.

How exciting,
come and find your inner chick.

And finally,
in other 'chick' news,
here is my lovely step-daughter wearing her 
Art Eye Candy Chick ring.

Hope to see you in class.

Rachelle x

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Gez said...

Your ceramics are just adorable ♥