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Chick Candy...

So I'm soooooooo excited AND nervous.
Tomorrow is the start of my first ever online workshop, (one of five I have in the pipeline), and I can hardly believe it.
This time last year, this sort of thing was just a dream.
It was one of the things that I'd always wanted to do but didn't really think that I could, never mind have enough technical knowledge to get an online course together, but with a LOT of hard work, tired eyes and a broken iPhone, I've achieved it.
I'm very proud, and I really hope that everyone enjoys it as much as I hope they will.

So if you've been following the blog recently, you'll also know that I offered a free spot in the workshop.
Today, the good old random number picker selected comment number 28 which was 
(send me your email)
and I'll see you in class.

For those of you who missed out, sign up will stay open for a few more hours tonight (till midnight GMT) then it will close until the course has finished in five weeks time. then I'll make it available again as a learn at your own pace type thingy).

I'd better get some classroom passwords sent out,
class starts tomorrow!
woo hooooooooo

Rachelle x


Dylan said...

ggod luck lovely xx

Sue Jorgenson said...

Cool, congratulations on getting your class going! May you have many more to follow!

Rachelle said...

Thank You Dylan xx

Rachelle said...

Hi Sue,
thank you, it's been really exciting and a HUGE learning curve technically speaking LOL

Rachelle x