f August 2012 - Art Eye Candy


This week last year I was in Florida,  
in fact this week most years I was in Florida.
Yes I'm a very lucky girl.
We always went on vacation to Florida (I love that place) but this year after the ups and downs of my illness and not really being able to plan ahead too much, 
we decided to stay at home.
And no, 
home is nothing like the sunny delights of Florida, 
but it does have delights,
 and in between the rain showers, it has been sunny too.

Being at home makes you realise two things,
1. how much you love and appreciate going on vacation


2. how much you love just spending time at home.

This 'staycation' has given me the opportunity to make art,
see family and enjoy days out.
The time for making art has been really great and came at just the right time, especially with my recent news of becoming a licensed artist.  This might sound strange to you but I really do feel like a 'real' artist now.  I know some of you might be reading this and thinking 'come on Rachelle, you already are an artist', but being signed up as an 'artist' just adds the icing on the cake.
Does that make sense?

this is something I have been working on, yes it's an owl.
This is just collage at the moment but I'll be working on him some more with paint and pencils and stuff like that.
I won't be able to show him off in his completed state though, but I can show you little sneaky peeks.

I picked up all the ceramics that I did last week.
Ooh I really LOVE making this stuff.
These are just a few of the pieces,
They're little 2.5" charms.
So cute.

The glaze and the firing just make the colors POP.
Here are the little sweet charms in a dish... yes a DISH... oooh now this is SO sweet.
It's probably a good thing that I want to keep everything that I make right?
I suppose at least whoever buys them knows that I LOVED making them.

And last before I go,
after all my excitement of launching my online workshop,
I'm really pleased to report that it's all started off really well and we have even had a few students sign up just after we started.
Can't wait for week two.

Rachelle x


Chick Candy...

So I'm soooooooo excited AND nervous.
Tomorrow is the start of my first ever online workshop, (one of five I have in the pipeline), and I can hardly believe it.
This time last year, this sort of thing was just a dream.
It was one of the things that I'd always wanted to do but didn't really think that I could, never mind have enough technical knowledge to get an online course together, but with a LOT of hard work, tired eyes and a broken iPhone, I've achieved it.
I'm very proud, and I really hope that everyone enjoys it as much as I hope they will.

So if you've been following the blog recently, you'll also know that I offered a free spot in the workshop.
Today, the good old random number picker selected comment number 28 which was 
(send me your email)
and I'll see you in class.

For those of you who missed out, sign up will stay open for a few more hours tonight (till midnight GMT) then it will close until the course has finished in five weeks time. then I'll make it available again as a learn at your own pace type thingy).

I'd better get some classroom passwords sent out,
class starts tomorrow!
woo hooooooooo

Rachelle x


Jump for JOY...

This would be me right now, well it would if I had blonde curly hair.
I'm so excited about things that have been happening recently,
things are just going 

 I have finally started to watch the video's from Mindy's class that I joined way back in April.
Here are a few of my first doodle faces 'Mindy style'.
It was fun drawing this way, and for some reason the faces smiled, something which my usual chicks don't always do.  I like how they turned out, I'll be adding color to them sometime soon.

The smiley faces even crept into my doodles too...
perhaps it's my happy mood that's coming through my artwork.

It might have something to do with this...

we went to the circus.
It was Little Miss' first ever circus visit.
This was the ring before the start of the show.
The circus is at Blackpool Tower and is another of those places that I used to visit as a child, it's still as magical today.
And the decoration is just breathtaking.

she even got her face painted clown style.

the best
is that this week 
is the week that my online class starts.

is the first in a series of workshops that I have made.
They have been tons of fun to do, taken hours and hours to upload (I had no idea they actually took that long) and I'm hoping they will be fun to take too.
If you'd like to sign up, 
hop over to the workshop page and click the class option.

Right now,
the plan is to run the workshop as a five week class,
then when it has finished, it will remain available as a 'learn at your own pace' kind of class.
I've made lot's of new resources and art for the class and I really want to show you, but for now you'll have to wait for the class.
(such a tease)

(if I'm not still sat up downloading videos)
we are having a day at the Pleasure Beach to ride the rollercoasters
Wooo Hoooooooooo.
What a week.

Rachelle x

Oh and to share in my good mood, hop over to the WORKSHOP page and leave a comment for a chance to win a FREE spot in class.


It's a perfect day...

The sun has been shining here ALL day (unheard of lately)
it's been a lovely day,
in fact it has been a PERFECT day.

Today I went off to the ceramics studio, not for a commission piece, but to create a new
line of 'Daisy Chicks'.
Maybe it was the sunshine that made me do flowers.
Whatever it was that got me started, it was fun.
(in total I did nine pieces)
and this time I made a little dish, a pencil pot, a big mug, a couple of tiles and four little chicks for key chains.

this is a little tile Daisy Chick.
(before glazing and firing)


I have GREAT news.
I have finished making my very first online workshop.
I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about it.
Registration is now open for sign ups.
on the 
tab in the menu bar.

How exciting,
come and find your inner chick.

And finally,
in other 'chick' news,
here is my lovely step-daughter wearing her 
Art Eye Candy Chick ring.

Hope to see you in class.

Rachelle x


Shiny Happy People...

Yes, she IS smiling.
(and yes the image IS blurry, it's not your eyes).

Since my exciting news from last week, apart from the fact that I have not been able to stop smiling, 
I have also been trying my hand at making some 'happier' chicks.
You may think that would be really easy to switch over,
BUT it's actually not so easy as it sounds.
When you smile, or are even about to smile, your face changes slightly and so do your eyes.
So I couldn't draw my usual chicks with their 'thoughtful' eyes, I drew these two instead.
There were others, but they weren't quite so nice.
I'd LOVE to hear your honest opinion as to how you think they look.

I'll be adding color and different poses etc but I wanted to get a more cheery look.

I've got other ideas going around my head too...
it's been so long since I was designing for someone else, apart from my commission artwork, it's a bit like having a brief back at art college.
So you might be seeing a little owl or two soon.

So although I'm on my vacation from school, I've got lots of arty work to do.
That is, of course, after a lovely day out with Mr.P and the Little Miss.

Rachelle x

p.s. workshops ALMOST DONE....



We have a winner for the giveaway
(drumroll please)
Our winner is 


(as selected by the Random Generator.)

Thank You all
so much for your wonderfully kind comments,
I really appreciate them.
I wouldn't be here

Now I better run as I'm at an art sale today selling my Art Eye Candy.

Rachelle x


Cheshire Cat...

(this image is not mine, it came from HERE )

What a day it has been.
One of my dreams came true today and I'm
so proud to share it here with YOU.
I have been taken on by an art licensing company as one of their artists.
Oh, as you can imagine I'm grinning like a Cheshire Cat (again).
It means that my artwork may be seen in the near future on cards and other products worldwide.
(so now you see why I'm grinning).

It's taken a lot of art work, knock backs, more artwork and tons of emails to get here
I'm finally here.

to celebrate my grinning,
and possibilities that may await me,
I thought I might have another little giveaway.

I have another copy of Suzi Blu's Mixed Media Girls
(the one my art is in - look in my side bar)
and as it's SO fabulous,
and also where things started to happen for me,
I thought it the PERFECT
little celebratory giveaway.

All you need to do is to leave a little comment, then I'll use one of those fancy web number generators to pick a winner.
You have until midnight tomorrow 
(Fri GMT)
to enter.

Meanwhile, I'm off to grin some more.

Rachelle x