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The 'other way'...

A funny thing happened last night.
Whilst looking through my facebook notifications I noticed that there had been a little
flurry of 'likes' and comments around two of my images.
The liking bit wasn't strange, it was the fact that I posted these pictures
in the early part of last year.
The style was the 'other way' that I sometimes work.
By this, I mean the way I do the Faces on the videos.
(you can watch them on the Art Eye Candy TV page - click the tab in the menu bar).

All this liking got me to thinking about how much I do enjoy working like that too,
so today I did a mixed media piece the 'other way'.



Rachelle x


sharon said...

Just looove your work! This is fanatstic!

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

I love these girls too Rachelle! All your ways are fabulous so you have to keep making both girls. :) Happy creating!!