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making time...

ok I put my hands up...
I'll admit it.
This juggling is HARD work.
(and yes, I've already fallen flat with my blog schedule this week)
do these shrinky dinks make up for it?

I made them today.  I had sheets of shrink plastic from about 5 years ago just hidden in my arty box, and today was the day I decided to use them and have a play.
I didn't sand them first, so the acrylic paint on the reverse is a little strange, but I think they still look quite cute.

this next week will be my last week before school breaks for the summer vacation,
and for me that means time for art.
I'm glad about that.

I  made this last year, but I have t over the top of the computer screen so that I see it when I type.
Sometimes it's good to have a little reminder to keep following your dreams.

talking of that,
I am honored to be the featured artist over on this fabuluos blog from Bernice Hopper,
she is starting a 12 week series on UK artists,
and I was the first to be featured.
It should be a great series, there are some really talented chicks coming up.

Read the interview HERE

I feel so proud to be featured on these wonderful blogs and websites,  It has really lifted my spirits to know that people are interested in my art.
I'll be featured again next week on another blog, keep checking in for details.

Today i also picked up the custom mug that I posted last week.
Love how bright the colors turned out.
She's on her way to the USA on Monday.
Thank you Denise Bundy xo
(I can make one for you too,
check out the listing in the shop)

and last but not least,
here is one of the new Tote bags that I have listed today.
They all sold out at my last art sale but I'm busy making more for the shop.


Rachelle x


valeri blossom said...

juggling (balancing) is hard but i think we're managing pretty well <#

i really like your little reminder - it's just the right message :)

Second Sunday said...

Tote and the mug look really great!

Susan said...

I love how you're branching into totes and mugs, Rachelle. All sorts of ways to get your lovely art out there. And I'm so impressed with the interviews! Steps and more steps to creating a full time arty life. xo

Rachelle said...

Hi Valeri,

Thanks for stopping by... I think we are too. It's amazing how much we can accomplish when we put our minds to it.

Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Thanks so much... they are fun to make too.
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Susan,
thanks, I think it's fun to try lots of different things and the interviews, well, let's just say i'm totally blown away that people even want to interview me. LoL I'm loving every minute of it.

Rachelle x