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Happy 4th July...

First of all let me wish all of my lovely creative friends across the pond

4th of July.

It's been a regular work day for me here in the UK, but I have managed to add in a little arty time too.  So far this week,
 the organisationally newly improved me is managing to keep up with everything, 
and yes I am tired out, 
but it is ALL worth it.

I've started to add some paint to the big chicks face, I'm using watercolor, the same as I do on the smaller ones.

here's a little close up...
can you spot the New York skyline?

I did a little art journally stuff too,
yes, they are the transfers.
Pretty cool hey.

And here is some lovely news that I have to share this week, I'm very proud to say that I am the guest blogger (first ever Brit) to be on Laundry Line, the fabulous blog of Suzy Banks Baum.  Go visit if you've not been before, you'll LOVE it. (and tell her I sent you xo)


the most exciting thing that I'm sharing with you is this...


I've designed some fabric
with chicks on.

Wooo Hoooooo

I'll post more details on my next post.
(it will be available to buy from next week)

So exciting,
and all on a school night too.

Rachelle x

and look who graduated pre-school.


arttage said...

Wow RACHELLE! You are an absolute inspiration and even raising a small child! She's adoreable and congrats for graduating. Gonna go check out that blogger! Hugs, Sanna

Lucy Chen said...

so many lovely faces!

Jan said...

OMG Rachelle.... look at those fabulous faces and just LOOK AT THE FABRIC!!! I'm going to have to have some of that lol.Congrats on Guest Blogger position too... well deserved xxx

Blog 54 said...

Congratulations on being a guest blogger!!! So many exciting things have been happening to you recently!!
Love your little miss in her photo...just beautiful. x

p.s. love the material...might just inspire me to make some of it into a cushion for my study!