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Do What You LOVE...

This weekend I feel refreshed.
(yes I am blogging on a Sunday too).

The weather has kept fine, the sun has been spotted peeking through the clouds (about time too) and I have managed to make some art.
Perfect, just perfect.
This has been a weekend that I have been doing what I LOVE.

I started with a little journal page.
She does look a little 'flushed' it's not just the monitor.
I had to use acrylic paint rather than my usual watercolor for her face.
She did get a little haircut to a sweet bob.

I also made a start on another paper mache art doll.  if you've been following the blog for a while, I did this one the same way as the one I recently sold (that I made at Christmas).  This one isn't going to get arms or legs, she'll just have head and shoulders.  I'm still not so sure what to do with her hair, feel free to leave me a suggestion, every little helps.


the thing that I have most


making today is this...

My mini Art Zine.

This is the front cover.
I've decided to make a few of these, one for a different arty subject.
This one is just about getting creative or at least getting started.

Here's a few sneaky peeks inside...

I used an old book page as a background for this page 
and highlighted the text that I wanted to pick out by covering the rest in gesso.

I did this one the same way, plus a little stamped question.

all finished.
if you're really curious,
here is a little super quick stop motion video that shows it all.
(yes it's fast and it's only six pages so go ahead and watch it a few times OR press 'pause')

I'll be printing copies and adding some stitching to the spine and a 
little shrinky dink charm for a little extra cute appeal. 
(they will be available in the shop later this week for $5)

Oh and before I forget,
if you are reading this on 
Monday 16th July,

to read my feature as a guest in Shared Stories
Do What You Love Blog.

Are you doing what you LOVE?


Rachelle x

Little Miss loves feeding the ducks.


Lura said...

it looks rachelle i will have to get one for sure. you keep going girl, i just know you are gonna make it and be and eve bigger success then you are already. all my love and luck, lura

Bev said...

yep u go girl and love your new little girl and the real one feeding the duckies lol

Lucy Chen said...

I would love your doll to have a cute bob like the one in your journal. that'd be very nice!