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Blog free...

It's been another blog free week from me...
well it WAS my birthday so that took up some time,
and I have been in work setting up my classroom ready for the new year,
and I had to pack away all my art supplies again
(so we could use the dining table)
it's no excuse
(although it was fun)

There have been arty things going on though, I have a really HUGE plan in the pipeline but you'll have to wait for that, and the first workshop is due to open next week too.
Exciting times.

I was on Instagram the other day when I saw this image
(from @zakyarifin - look him up)
and it's true, we all do have a story to tell.
What's yours?

This is done in chalk too, how cool is that!?

I'm having a go at making some resin cast rings today...
I'm at an art sale again next week so wanted some different things to take.
Resin is both very exciting to me and VERY scary,
I've never tried it before 
I have watched tons of youtube videos so...

I'll show you next time.
(that's if they set ok)

Rachelle x

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