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Aint no stopping me now...

Welcome to my first official Monday blog post.
It's been on my mind all day, which I suppose is a good thing,  I even set a reminder on my phone.
It's so easy to get swept away by the TV or something else after a busy day at work so I thought a little alarm would keep me on track.

So here we are...

Well, as it's Monday I don't really have too much new stuff to show,
I did make these transfers with packing tape.

It's been so long since I made any of these, I'd forgotten how easy and how much fun they are.
If you want I can show you how, just leave a comment to let me know.
I'm not sure where I'll use them yet, it'll probably be in a little journal page
maybe it'll be on one of these beauties...

some lovely mdf wood panels just crying out for paint and artyness.
It's too late tonight but I think they'll get some work on tomorrow.
I LOVE mdf wood, it's so lightweight and has a great surface for painting on.

I'm also working on this, 
(can't remember if I've shown you before, my memory is shot at the moment, it's my age. LoL)

I'm painting and mixed-media'ing this big chick on the Union Jack background from last week.
She's in need of quite a bit of work yet but I'm hoping to have her done by the weekend.

well that's me...
keeping busy as always.

Ain't no stopping me now.

Love this tune.

Rachelle x


Ophelia said...

Gorgeous work Rachelle. I am always so inspired by my visits to your blog.

Siggadisart said...

She is a beauty Rachelle, nice to see the Mdf because I have just like these on my desk too waiting to be painted on...