f July 2012 - Art Eye Candy

The 'other way'...

A funny thing happened last night.
Whilst looking through my facebook notifications I noticed that there had been a little
flurry of 'likes' and comments around two of my images.
The liking bit wasn't strange, it was the fact that I posted these pictures
in the early part of last year.
The style was the 'other way' that I sometimes work.
By this, I mean the way I do the Faces on the videos.
(you can watch them on the Art Eye Candy TV page - click the tab in the menu bar).

All this liking got me to thinking about how much I do enjoy working like that too,
so today I did a mixed media piece the 'other way'.



Rachelle x



I love it when I'm getting ready for an art fair...
it makes me stop and think about the things I make and makes me try 
out some new ideas.
It's good to try and keep things fresh,
especially when you are having a stand at somewhere you've been before, so
it's time for me to diversify a little and venture into new makes.

So, with this in mind, I ordered a bottle of resin with the fabulous idea of making wonderful rings and things.
I had wonderful ideas of how they would look and how easy it was all going to be.
Funny how things don't quite turn out as you expect.
The resin arrived, was unwrapped and mixed (outside) and poured into my ring blanks...
then I dropped them, tipped over the resin and it started to rain.
Not quite what I had planned.
as I don't like to give up on things,
I put them inside in the laundry room to hopefully help them set.
I think by now (if you've managed to stop laughing) you can guess what happened next.

Yes, they were sticky and very smelly.

So NOT fabulous.

not to be outdone,
I carved the resin out and had a brainwave about using paperclay instead.
So that's what I did.

Not too shabby for a first try.

I made a new mixed media journal cover too,
this chicks got a cute bob cut.

I did some doodling in an old altered book thingy (I think I mentioned it on the last post),
I'm planning to cut the pages out and frame some to sell too.

I do like to try new things, and it's good to diversify
at heart.

Rachelle x


Blog free...

It's been another blog free week from me...
well it WAS my birthday so that took up some time,
and I have been in work setting up my classroom ready for the new year,
and I had to pack away all my art supplies again
(so we could use the dining table)
it's no excuse
(although it was fun)

There have been arty things going on though, I have a really HUGE plan in the pipeline but you'll have to wait for that, and the first workshop is due to open next week too.
Exciting times.

I was on Instagram the other day when I saw this image
(from @zakyarifin - look him up)
and it's true, we all do have a story to tell.
What's yours?

This is done in chalk too, how cool is that!?

I'm having a go at making some resin cast rings today...
I'm at an art sale again next week so wanted some different things to take.
Resin is both very exciting to me and VERY scary,
I've never tried it before 
I have watched tons of youtube videos so...

I'll show you next time.
(that's if they set ok)

Rachelle x


Souls in the making...

We are all 'Souls in the making'
or at least that's what I believe.

I was  recently sent this book from a friend Teresa in the US, 
it's an old book called 'Souls in the making' (all about psychology) and it's for altering, 
for making into an art journal.
I'm not really started with it yet but the title does 'speak' to me.
I think with everything that's happened over the last twelve months, and the things that are continuing to change and evolve, it's got to be true on some level.

Anyway, it got me thinking about how to use it and what to do with it...
So far, I put some pages into my Art Zine from the last post, and 
this weekend I put some bits and bobs in my latest pieces.


can you see it?

and you might have noticed that this chick has been framed too.
I found some old unwanted frames in a local thrift store and upcycled them.
They're just perfect.

This is the other one that I did,
she's already SOLD and on her way 
Down Under.

the frame is getting a little 'do'.

I'll definately look into getting more pieces framed, it just finishes them off so nicely.

This weekend,
in between being arty and other things,
I was interviewed on BBC Radio to talk about my art.
If you'd like to take a listen
(the link is only good for six days, I'm in the final hour of the show).

Talk about exciting,
it was fabulous fun.

Here's to being a 'soul in the making'.

Rachelle x
P.S Oh i almost forgot, the latest newsletter is out with the new discount code for the shop.


Art Zine (Number 1)

just a little picture post to show you what I finished today.
The mini Art Zine is ready, embellished AND available.

time to start working on Number 2.

Rachelle x


Do What You LOVE...

This weekend I feel refreshed.
(yes I am blogging on a Sunday too).

The weather has kept fine, the sun has been spotted peeking through the clouds (about time too) and I have managed to make some art.
Perfect, just perfect.
This has been a weekend that I have been doing what I LOVE.

I started with a little journal page.
She does look a little 'flushed' it's not just the monitor.
I had to use acrylic paint rather than my usual watercolor for her face.
She did get a little haircut to a sweet bob.

I also made a start on another paper mache art doll.  if you've been following the blog for a while, I did this one the same way as the one I recently sold (that I made at Christmas).  This one isn't going to get arms or legs, she'll just have head and shoulders.  I'm still not so sure what to do with her hair, feel free to leave me a suggestion, every little helps.


the thing that I have most


making today is this...

My mini Art Zine.

This is the front cover.
I've decided to make a few of these, one for a different arty subject.
This one is just about getting creative or at least getting started.

Here's a few sneaky peeks inside...

I used an old book page as a background for this page 
and highlighted the text that I wanted to pick out by covering the rest in gesso.

I did this one the same way, plus a little stamped question.

all finished.
if you're really curious,
here is a little super quick stop motion video that shows it all.
(yes it's fast and it's only six pages so go ahead and watch it a few times OR press 'pause')

I'll be printing copies and adding some stitching to the spine and a 
little shrinky dink charm for a little extra cute appeal. 
(they will be available in the shop later this week for $5)

Oh and before I forget,
if you are reading this on 
Monday 16th July,

to read my feature as a guest in Shared Stories
Do What You Love Blog.

Are you doing what you LOVE?


Rachelle x

Little Miss loves feeding the ducks.


making time...

ok I put my hands up...
I'll admit it.
This juggling is HARD work.
(and yes, I've already fallen flat with my blog schedule this week)
do these shrinky dinks make up for it?

I made them today.  I had sheets of shrink plastic from about 5 years ago just hidden in my arty box, and today was the day I decided to use them and have a play.
I didn't sand them first, so the acrylic paint on the reverse is a little strange, but I think they still look quite cute.

this next week will be my last week before school breaks for the summer vacation,
and for me that means time for art.
I'm glad about that.

I  made this last year, but I have t over the top of the computer screen so that I see it when I type.
Sometimes it's good to have a little reminder to keep following your dreams.

talking of that,
I am honored to be the featured artist over on this fabuluos blog from Bernice Hopper,
she is starting a 12 week series on UK artists,
and I was the first to be featured.
It should be a great series, there are some really talented chicks coming up.

Read the interview HERE

I feel so proud to be featured on these wonderful blogs and websites,  It has really lifted my spirits to know that people are interested in my art.
I'll be featured again next week on another blog, keep checking in for details.

Today i also picked up the custom mug that I posted last week.
Love how bright the colors turned out.
She's on her way to the USA on Monday.
Thank you Denise Bundy xo
(I can make one for you too,
check out the listing in the shop)

and last but not least,
here is one of the new Tote bags that I have listed today.
They all sold out at my last art sale but I'm busy making more for the shop.


Rachelle x


Party girl...

What a fantasticly lovely weekend.
If you caught up with the post, it was the double party weekend for Little Miss.
She's celebrating her 4th Birthday 
(it's actually not until this Wednesday but we never need an excuse to party).
Here's a few little piccys of the Party Girl.

getting her groove on,

getting her eats...

and blowing out the candles.

Needless to say, she (and all of us too) is exhausted.

Thank goodness for a work day.

Rachelle x


Artful Gratitude...

First I'm starting off with a little gratitude.

My lovely arty creative friend Christy Nimeh has just spent a week being the guest curator on Crescendoh Jenny Doh's wonderfu site, and guess what?
Christy featured us Art Eye Candy... Look left.

This has been such a wonderful week for me, I'm so grateful to know these talented ladies and even more grateful to get the chance to be featured by them.
ThAnK YoU, 
Chrisy, Jenny and Suzi (from weds post).

You may have also noticed that I'm a day late with this post (unless you live in Hawaii), that's because I spent almost all day yesterday getting everything ready for the Little Miss' Birthday Parties which are today. (yes, I did say partieS, she is having two, one for friends at a play place for kids, then one here for family and friends).  So you can imagine how busy I was.
it didn't stop me from a little arty time.
Oh No.

Infact Little Miss and I took a trip to the ceramics studio too.
I had another custom mug to make, this time with darker hair and green eyes,


she looks pale now, 
but once she's been glazed and fired her colors will really POP.

This is the reverse...

ART is where MY heart is too.

Of course I couldn't ask a three year old to sit and wait without doing anything.
She got busy too and chose a rather large watering can to decorate.

Ta Daaa

LOVE watching her work, she's so free.

So now I'm off to hang up a little party banner (or two) and 
get ready for the day ahead.

What a week it's been so far.

Rachelle x


Happy 4th July...

First of all let me wish all of my lovely creative friends across the pond

4th of July.

It's been a regular work day for me here in the UK, but I have managed to add in a little arty time too.  So far this week,
 the organisationally newly improved me is managing to keep up with everything, 
and yes I am tired out, 
but it is ALL worth it.

I've started to add some paint to the big chicks face, I'm using watercolor, the same as I do on the smaller ones.

here's a little close up...
can you spot the New York skyline?

I did a little art journally stuff too,
yes, they are the transfers.
Pretty cool hey.

And here is some lovely news that I have to share this week, I'm very proud to say that I am the guest blogger (first ever Brit) to be on Laundry Line, the fabulous blog of Suzy Banks Baum.  Go visit if you've not been before, you'll LOVE it. (and tell her I sent you xo)


the most exciting thing that I'm sharing with you is this...


I've designed some fabric
with chicks on.

Wooo Hoooooo

I'll post more details on my next post.
(it will be available to buy from next week)

So exciting,
and all on a school night too.

Rachelle x

and look who graduated pre-school.