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Mug Shot...

So if you remember, a few posts ago I mentioned something about a mug.
Well this is what I was talking about.
Not far from where I live is a little ceramics studio where you can pop in and paint your own pottery (as well as other fabulous crafty activities), it's called Fired 4 U and is run by the very lovely 
and helpful Jane.
Painting pottery is something that I used to do way way back in art college, it's something that I've really enjoyed in the past but never thought of doing until recently.  With Father's Day approaching I decided to go along with Little Miss to paint something for Daddy.
She chose to do an elephant money box, and I chose a mug.  Avery large mug, those of you who know me well know I LOVE to have my tea and coffee in a HUGE mug.

So after spending a very happy hour painting, we had both created something quite lovely.  Little Miss had an elephant splashed in color and I had a mug painted with a chick.

 I thought, 

I'd really enjoyed doing this, it was something different, and you got something lovely to keep.
But as soon as I showed off my mug, I was pleasantly surprised to see how popular she was...
so much so that I've started painting custom orders.
(They are HERE)

the backs...

and a boy too.
(yes I know, he still looks a little girly but I can assure you he is a Man Mug)

And after having so much Mug fun, I decided to paint a plate too


here color is a little pale yet, she needs to be glazed and fired.


after (but not yet finished)

But that's not all.

I've done a little painting too.

You might have noticed that I like to keep busy
(well at least as long as artyness is involved)

and yes work keeps me busy too.
(it's going really great, thank you to those lovelies who have been asking, it's good to feel human again rather than an arty social recluse  ha ha).

Anyway, it's time I put that kettle on and marked some assignments.

Just remember

and you won't go far wrong.

Rachelle x

(p.s.the last image is taken from Keri Smith)


Rachel Ellen Andrews said...

Love your work Rachelle :)

Creatively yours Fi said...

A fabulous post Rachelle :))Love the mugs...wish you were around the corner x Fi

Rachelle said...

Hi Rachel,
thanks so much xo

Rachelle said...

Hi Fi,
So pleased that you love the mugs... they're so much fun to make.
Rachelle x