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Today marks the 60th year of Queen Elizabeth II's reign and the UK has gone Jubilee crazy.  Even our neighbors held a street party that went on into the early hours of this morning, and now on the good old BBC is the coverage of all the fancy pomp and ceremony that marks the Jubilee celebrations.
It kind of makes you feel a little proud to be British and I'm tempted to get out the bunting and serve tea and scones...(don't think Mr.P would agree with me, but Little Miss loves any excuse to throw a party).

Not only is it Jubilee, but this weekend also saw the annual  Caribbean Carnival come to town, even a day of rain didn't stop it.

and even though all this has been happening, I still managed to find a little time to make a small bit of artyness.
I recycled a magnet that I'd had lying around with my usual mixed media magic.

here she is close up.

So now I'm off to put the kettle on and get the jam out.

Rule Britannia and all that.

Rachelle x


Ophelia said...

Your photos are stunning, and your artwork is always so inspiring.

Blog 54 said...

Love the colours...brightens up this wet day!! xx