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How to Juggle...

What a fabulous weekend, and no I'm NOT talking about the weather.
On Saturday I had my stall at the Craft Fair, the one I mentioned in the previous post, LOOK UP, here's my little stall.  I had a good position by the window which was nice for a little natural light, especially as it was such a rainy day, and I had just enough space to set out my stuff.  

You might notice that I hung my bags on the corner of the table... time for lesson number one, if one is taking bags to sell, one must have something with one to DISPLAY the bags as the table corner just won't do.

Since the last (practice run) Craft Fair that I did, I have changed what i took and added a few new items to give a bit more variety because let's face it, not everyone wants to buy paintings.  So I had a play around and along with the bits I showed you last time, I made (or in some cases finished) these things too.

I took my (finally after months) finished Art Doll complete with her Ruby Slippers,

I made some fancy mixed media bangles... 
(do you like the little tags I made too? very professional I thought)

on the model (me)

and look at my lovely Pandora... it's almost full with beads and charms from my family.

Then I also made some small little lovelies that I have named 'Token Chicks'.
These are pocket sized chicks with little words on the back.  I made them from paper clay and painted them and added a little stamped inspiration.  I think they're really sweet, and actually they went down a treat.  I'm numbering and naming each one a bit like a limited edition, and they are all different 
(and did I say sweet?).
Here's a few...

they have a fancy tag too ( I wrote her care instructions on the back)

so the good news was that for my second ever stall it went really well.  I think having things that looked more matchy and cohesive helped too. (another top tip)

I sold Doodle Journals too... (like the one you can get in my sidebar link)

The only problem is that now I think I'm hooked, I've even booked for a two day sale at a big event in two weeks time, and that one should be amazing. (and very busy)

I can feel a sweat shop coming on again, but not only that 
I'm pleased to say that I've finally been given the health all-clear and I've gone back to work. Yes, I know how great is that.  So now it's back to the old me fitting everything in.
Busy Busy.

But in case I forgot how to juggle everything and still keep going, I thought I'd share this little clip
Little Miss demonstrating 

How to Juggle
(it's very quick so don't blink)

Rachelle x

P.S everything that was left from the sale is now in the shop x


Siggadisart said...

Thank you for showing Rachelle, you have been busy I can see. So many nice things on your stall. And one more in two weeks, you must work day and night...

robin dudley-howes said...

Wow I love your art! Congrats on your success and many more!

Lynn Richards said...

Oh, I love all the items you have to offer at your booth. The tokens are pure genius.
Your little miss gave me the biggest smile today. That is the only way it seems juggling works....

Creatively yours Fi said...

Wonderful to hear you have been given health-all clear Rachelle, I think our health is something most of us kind of take for granted but is truly the most precious gift we have. (I believe anyway :)Your store looks gorgeous!! So many goodies.....Good luck with the juggling...I confess it's not something I'm very good at!

sandi tygar said...

I'm so glad to read all of that - and happy your stall did well, I had NO doubt. But the video wouldn't work for me, said it was unavailable... :( Now I'm sad, so I think I need a prezzie.

I crack myself up... ;-) xoxo

Jenelle-Van de Mortel Designs said...

I love your artwork--it always make me happy --your color palette is so fun!! Glad to hear that your health is good and that you're up to so many wonderful art endeavors. Inspiring!!


Rachel Ellen Andrews said...

Half your energy Rachelle :)