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Half Time...

Without really noticing it too much, six months have already slipped by and an awful lot has happened to me, as I am sure it has to you too.
It was only today when I was getting some arty bits out of one of my boxes that I came across my journal of intention that I started back in January. 
Back then, even though I'd just returned from a long stay in the hospital, I was quite positive about what the new year could hold, and I decided to choose the word 'Believe' to act as a personal prompt for me to 'do' something with through the year.

I started with a list of goals that I wanted to achieve, well actually they were really more like dreams of mine, but still I used them as my focus.  This is something that I've never really done before, or at least I've not actually written it down or put it out there, I've just always tried to keep things in my mind.
This year was going to be different.
I'm not sure if it was the trauma of the illness that had triggered this in me, or the time away from work that allowed me to reflect a little, but what ever it was I knew that this year I'd try to keep focussed and go for my dreams.

And now, six months have passed and perhaps now it's time I had a little progress check.

Some things I can tick off straight away.

Now, I DO make the time to visit art galleries, or listen to music or read for pleasure.
Now, I take a little more care about eating healthily (although I'm still a work in progress here).
Now, I make art almost every day (and it's been life changing).
Now, I do get a little active every week (still not daily, but better than it was).
Now, I am VERY PROUD to say I have had something published (still can't quite believe that)

so that makes 5 ticks... still a few more to go.   

There's still more to accomplish, 
but on reflection when I type this,
I now BELIEVE it is possible
to meet all of my goals for this year
(or at least get things moving on them)
as long as I keep the focus there.

Who'd have thought that this time last year, or the year before I'd be getting ready to sell more arty stuff that I've made myself to lovely people who like it???
(not me, that's for sure)
But the best thing is that, I'm just a regular girl and my dreams are coming true, 
so if it can happen for me, it can happen for you.

Rachelle x


Denise J. Phillips said...

I has been an amazing 6 months watching you accomplish all of these on your new journey! And of course it was all triggered by the medical issue, wake up calls are like that! It is the 'positive' that you can draw from such an experience that helps create the course you have charted for yourself! You're just doing it at high speed! LOL!
Brilliant Girl:) Mwha!xoxo

Jan said...

My dear Rachelle.... you have achieved SO much with determination over the past 6 months and your art is just so beautiful that I am sure, slowly and steadily, you will accomplish all of your dreams and goals in the time you've set yourself. If not, the future is in front of you... so dont give up.... there is so much joy ahead. Go girl:-)) xxx

Flutter Before You said...

Hi Rachelle, I love your work, it's so beautiful, vibrant and full of life. Thank You for sharing your sparkle, and I love seeing your progress! I am certain it's just the start of a great many things waiting for you!!