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Dare to dream...

I don't think you really realise this until there are other things in your way.
It's only really now after returning to work that I have felt that for me, being creative is something more than something nice to do in a quiet moment, it's what I need to do.
It's what I am.
The tricky thing is finding the perfect balance so that I can fit it all in.
I guess this is one of those questions that no one really has an answer for, it's one of those life mysteries like 'why does toast always land the buttered side down?', but for me it's important that I do find the answer.
The time that I've been blessed with to create has opened my eyes to new possibilities, new dreams and ambitions.
So now the key for me is to become organised and make time for myself to create.
I must admit, organisation is not really my strong point, and takes a lot of effort on my part, but it's the only way forward.

I did this page this morning whilst having my morning coffee.  You might recognise the background, it's from something that I did a month or so ago.

I have a plan (for organisation that is).
If Im to keep this thing going steadily, then I'll need a schedule.
So, starting this next week, I'll be doing blog posts on regular days.
That way I'll keep up with everything, and you will know when to expect new posts.
I also think (and hope) that this will help keep it in the front of my mind.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays will be my regular posts and if I can manage it I'll throw in a few extra too.

I love working in this journal, it's all made from craft paper.
It's from PAPERCHASE (a uk store but they do ship)

this is the other side.
Hope fully you can read the writing too.

I'm often asked where my ideas come from for things, the truth is, it just comes out when I sit down to play.  I don't usually set out with an intention, not unless it is something for a commission, I try to be as honest and 'real' as I can.  
I hope that shows.

Here's looking forward to the new schedule...
see you all Monday.

Have a great weekend


(and dream big)

Rachelle x

can you see my toes Mummy?


Mandy Alesbrook Art said...

Popped by from your post on Facebook xx

Jenny said...

Love your journal pages and your post Rachelle... yes organization is a big key... I need to do more of that too... and daring to dream... and dreaming BIG... beautiful... full of possibilities...

Happy weekend...
Jenny x

arttage said...

Love organization hate taking time out to do it! I must say though that I have so many art supplies that when I do organize and reorganize I get blessed. I find things I forgot or forgot where I had pl;aces them, usually right when I need them most. If not then at a latter date but now knowing where they are and mnore easily accessable.
I too love your new pages Rachelle am always a fan and follower of your latest works! Hugs, Sanna

Rachel Andrews said...

Great post Rachelle
Hope you get organised and find time for your dreams

Flowrsinherhair said...

Lovely post... I's probably exactly where I am at. Trying to live my dream to paint fulltime. I lived and painted purposefully in June as I worked this way and more organised I ended up accomplishing so much more. I am encouraged to keep going like this...

Be encouraged - it works!!!!

Planet Penny said...

I've just found you via CBUK, love the colourful way you work! Looking forward to keeping up with your posts.