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The Creative Cycle...

Today I had a little clean up.
Things were getting to the stage where I was running out of space to create, 
not that I really have a space, 
but nonetheless I was running out of it.

I love to look through magazines to see beautiful home art studio spaces, and just lately, it's been the stuff I dream about too.  I have friends who have such spaces (some of you lovelies might be reading this post), either in their home or in their gardens and they are just wonderful.  It must be great to have somewhere where you can put all your paints and brushes and papers and other stuff...

Well this is where I have my stuff,
this is where I create right now.
(and yes this is the tidy version)

this is my dining room table
(look  outside, it was raining today - ALL day)

this is as tidy as it gets folks.

I did come across this journal though...

it was an inspiration journal from way back (when I was 17) yes, I did say WAAYYY BACK.
I still have all of my journals from college, it's nice to go through them and see what I was up to back then.  The funny thing is though that my style, although it has changed, it hasn't changed that much.

So now that I'm all tidy,
there's only one thing that I can really do now.
And you know what that is don't you?


Mess it all up again.
(creatively of course)

Rachelle x


Beth said...

Sounds about right. My (messy) "studio" is currently our kitchen table. One day, I'll have a room...or even part of a room, where I can leave my stuff out.

IndigoEarth said...
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IndigoEarth said...

Love seeing your space~ thanks for sharing! I just love all your new creative items too ( mugs,dolls,bracelet!!) Best Wishes and enjoy!!!

Sue Jorgenson said...

Hahahaha makes me think of the tiny 3x3 space I had wedged between two sofas at right angles to each other) some years back when I had to share an apartment! I still don't have a desk - I use my kitchen table - and my stuff is in the hall closet, the bathroom cupboard, and other locations throughout my present apartment! Like you, I drool and dream over ideal spaces ("Where Women Create" - someone adopt me!!) and I hope someday...but I love your space!

Connie said...

I do hope that someday you will have a dream space to create, but the most important thing . . . and we all know it. . . is that you DO CREATE! I am in awe at your photography and the cool effects you do with it. Your journals are wonderful and very inspiring. I feel so honored to have found your blog, because you are a huge inspiration to me. Keep sharing, Connie :)

Ardith Goodwin said...

Oh, we have the same plight in life. I have blogged about my kitchen table studio as well so seeing your posts makes me feel right at home. Look forward to seeing more of your work.

Conni vom Atelier Tante Trulla said...

I loved seeing your creative space, Rachelle. There is room for art in the tiniest space, isn´t. A long time ago I made my big concrete sculptures on a little balcony. It didn´t matter.

Rachelle said...

Oh Beth, it sounds as though we are kindred spirits who dream of art rooms and such.
Fingers crossed the arty fairy grants our wishes one day.

Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Thanks so much, I really love trying out new things as much as I can, I'm so pleased you like them too.

Rcahelle x

Rachelle said...

Oh I LOVE to read Where Women Create, maybe one day they'll have a special feature for kitchen and dining work spaces like ours... we could be a feature ha ha ha.

Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hey Connie,
thanks for the lovely compliment about my photography... I use my iPhone for everything. Thanks for stopping by, it's lovely to see you here again.

Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hey Ardith,
I'm thinking perhaps us table artists should start a club, it seems there are so many of us...ha ha ha.
Thanks for stopping by, it's great to see you here too.

Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Connie
Ooh let me just say how much I am LOVING your art lately...
You're right, you don't really need the space, just enough to set up and put out your water pot will do.

Rachelle x