f June 2012 - Art Eye Candy

Dare to dream...

I don't think you really realise this until there are other things in your way.
It's only really now after returning to work that I have felt that for me, being creative is something more than something nice to do in a quiet moment, it's what I need to do.
It's what I am.
The tricky thing is finding the perfect balance so that I can fit it all in.
I guess this is one of those questions that no one really has an answer for, it's one of those life mysteries like 'why does toast always land the buttered side down?', but for me it's important that I do find the answer.
The time that I've been blessed with to create has opened my eyes to new possibilities, new dreams and ambitions.
So now the key for me is to become organised and make time for myself to create.
I must admit, organisation is not really my strong point, and takes a lot of effort on my part, but it's the only way forward.

I did this page this morning whilst having my morning coffee.  You might recognise the background, it's from something that I did a month or so ago.

I have a plan (for organisation that is).
If Im to keep this thing going steadily, then I'll need a schedule.
So, starting this next week, I'll be doing blog posts on regular days.
That way I'll keep up with everything, and you will know when to expect new posts.
I also think (and hope) that this will help keep it in the front of my mind.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays will be my regular posts and if I can manage it I'll throw in a few extra too.

I love working in this journal, it's all made from craft paper.
It's from PAPERCHASE (a uk store but they do ship)

this is the other side.
Hope fully you can read the writing too.

I'm often asked where my ideas come from for things, the truth is, it just comes out when I sit down to play.  I don't usually set out with an intention, not unless it is something for a commission, I try to be as honest and 'real' as I can.  
I hope that shows.

Here's looking forward to the new schedule...
see you all Monday.

Have a great weekend


(and dream big)

Rachelle x

can you see my toes Mummy?


Weekend Girl...

This weekend came and went in a flash.
It was this weekend that I had a little stall at a HUGE vintage and craft event in the (as it turned out) sunny seaside town of Blackpool.
The event was held at the very fabulous Winter Gardens, full of vintage charm, seaside kitsch and childhood memories.
Blackpool was the place where I was born and spent many happy weekends and summers whilst growing up.  It's a little shabby round the edges and needs to be seen through rose tinted glasses, but I still LOVE it.
(Google it to see what I mean)

So there I was with my little stall (again) and with a few extra goodies this time.
It was just great, there was entertainment, which was fabulous and I got to meet some lovely new friends and see some familiar faces again.
It was such a lovely weekend, oh and yes, I sold lots of art too.

Then on the way back to the car, I saw this.
LOVE the street art that seems to be all over the place there.
Very cool.

So my next plan of action is to write two blog posts (for guest posts) and fit in some arty time too.
I think the important thing for me now is ORGANISATION, and yes if you know me, you know it's not my best quality, but if I want to keep up with everything that I want to accomplish then organisation is the key.  Perhaps I'll get a planner for my birthday next month.

hmmm ideas ideas.

Rachelle x

Half Time...

Without really noticing it too much, six months have already slipped by and an awful lot has happened to me, as I am sure it has to you too.
It was only today when I was getting some arty bits out of one of my boxes that I came across my journal of intention that I started back in January. 
Back then, even though I'd just returned from a long stay in the hospital, I was quite positive about what the new year could hold, and I decided to choose the word 'Believe' to act as a personal prompt for me to 'do' something with through the year.

I started with a list of goals that I wanted to achieve, well actually they were really more like dreams of mine, but still I used them as my focus.  This is something that I've never really done before, or at least I've not actually written it down or put it out there, I've just always tried to keep things in my mind.
This year was going to be different.
I'm not sure if it was the trauma of the illness that had triggered this in me, or the time away from work that allowed me to reflect a little, but what ever it was I knew that this year I'd try to keep focussed and go for my dreams.

And now, six months have passed and perhaps now it's time I had a little progress check.

Some things I can tick off straight away.

Now, I DO make the time to visit art galleries, or listen to music or read for pleasure.
Now, I take a little more care about eating healthily (although I'm still a work in progress here).
Now, I make art almost every day (and it's been life changing).
Now, I do get a little active every week (still not daily, but better than it was).
Now, I am VERY PROUD to say I have had something published (still can't quite believe that)

so that makes 5 ticks... still a few more to go.   

There's still more to accomplish, 
but on reflection when I type this,
I now BELIEVE it is possible
to meet all of my goals for this year
(or at least get things moving on them)
as long as I keep the focus there.

Who'd have thought that this time last year, or the year before I'd be getting ready to sell more arty stuff that I've made myself to lovely people who like it???
(not me, that's for sure)
But the best thing is that, I'm just a regular girl and my dreams are coming true, 
so if it can happen for me, it can happen for you.

Rachelle x


The Creative Cycle...

Today I had a little clean up.
Things were getting to the stage where I was running out of space to create, 
not that I really have a space, 
but nonetheless I was running out of it.

I love to look through magazines to see beautiful home art studio spaces, and just lately, it's been the stuff I dream about too.  I have friends who have such spaces (some of you lovelies might be reading this post), either in their home or in their gardens and they are just wonderful.  It must be great to have somewhere where you can put all your paints and brushes and papers and other stuff...

Well this is where I have my stuff,
this is where I create right now.
(and yes this is the tidy version)

this is my dining room table
(look  outside, it was raining today - ALL day)

this is as tidy as it gets folks.

I did come across this journal though...

it was an inspiration journal from way back (when I was 17) yes, I did say WAAYYY BACK.
I still have all of my journals from college, it's nice to go through them and see what I was up to back then.  The funny thing is though that my style, although it has changed, it hasn't changed that much.

So now that I'm all tidy,
there's only one thing that I can really do now.
And you know what that is don't you?


Mess it all up again.
(creatively of course)

Rachelle x


Mug Shot...

So if you remember, a few posts ago I mentioned something about a mug.
Well this is what I was talking about.
Not far from where I live is a little ceramics studio where you can pop in and paint your own pottery (as well as other fabulous crafty activities), it's called Fired 4 U and is run by the very lovely 
and helpful Jane.
Painting pottery is something that I used to do way way back in art college, it's something that I've really enjoyed in the past but never thought of doing until recently.  With Father's Day approaching I decided to go along with Little Miss to paint something for Daddy.
She chose to do an elephant money box, and I chose a mug.  Avery large mug, those of you who know me well know I LOVE to have my tea and coffee in a HUGE mug.

So after spending a very happy hour painting, we had both created something quite lovely.  Little Miss had an elephant splashed in color and I had a mug painted with a chick.

 I thought, 

I'd really enjoyed doing this, it was something different, and you got something lovely to keep.
But as soon as I showed off my mug, I was pleasantly surprised to see how popular she was...
so much so that I've started painting custom orders.
(They are HERE)

the backs...

and a boy too.
(yes I know, he still looks a little girly but I can assure you he is a Man Mug)

And after having so much Mug fun, I decided to paint a plate too


here color is a little pale yet, she needs to be glazed and fired.


after (but not yet finished)

But that's not all.

I've done a little painting too.

You might have noticed that I like to keep busy
(well at least as long as artyness is involved)

and yes work keeps me busy too.
(it's going really great, thank you to those lovelies who have been asking, it's good to feel human again rather than an arty social recluse  ha ha).

Anyway, it's time I put that kettle on and marked some assignments.

Just remember

and you won't go far wrong.

Rachelle x

(p.s.the last image is taken from Keri Smith)


How to Juggle...

What a fabulous weekend, and no I'm NOT talking about the weather.
On Saturday I had my stall at the Craft Fair, the one I mentioned in the previous post, LOOK UP, here's my little stall.  I had a good position by the window which was nice for a little natural light, especially as it was such a rainy day, and I had just enough space to set out my stuff.  

You might notice that I hung my bags on the corner of the table... time for lesson number one, if one is taking bags to sell, one must have something with one to DISPLAY the bags as the table corner just won't do.

Since the last (practice run) Craft Fair that I did, I have changed what i took and added a few new items to give a bit more variety because let's face it, not everyone wants to buy paintings.  So I had a play around and along with the bits I showed you last time, I made (or in some cases finished) these things too.

I took my (finally after months) finished Art Doll complete with her Ruby Slippers,

I made some fancy mixed media bangles... 
(do you like the little tags I made too? very professional I thought)

on the model (me)

and look at my lovely Pandora... it's almost full with beads and charms from my family.

Then I also made some small little lovelies that I have named 'Token Chicks'.
These are pocket sized chicks with little words on the back.  I made them from paper clay and painted them and added a little stamped inspiration.  I think they're really sweet, and actually they went down a treat.  I'm numbering and naming each one a bit like a limited edition, and they are all different 
(and did I say sweet?).
Here's a few...

they have a fancy tag too ( I wrote her care instructions on the back)

so the good news was that for my second ever stall it went really well.  I think having things that looked more matchy and cohesive helped too. (another top tip)

I sold Doodle Journals too... (like the one you can get in my sidebar link)

The only problem is that now I think I'm hooked, I've even booked for a two day sale at a big event in two weeks time, and that one should be amazing. (and very busy)

I can feel a sweat shop coming on again, but not only that 
I'm pleased to say that I've finally been given the health all-clear and I've gone back to work. Yes, I know how great is that.  So now it's back to the old me fitting everything in.
Busy Busy.

But in case I forgot how to juggle everything and still keep going, I thought I'd share this little clip
Little Miss demonstrating 

How to Juggle
(it's very quick so don't blink)

Rachelle x

P.S everything that was left from the sale is now in the shop x


Crafty Business...

I only realised last night that it was Monday when I last blogged... this week I have completely lost track of time.  It all started when I saw a message on facebook stating that there had been a cancellation for a craft stall this Saturday and it was available to anyone who wanted it.  Well it's been a while since I last did a stall so I thought I'd respond and see what happened.  And yes, I got the slot, so since then I've been all systems GO Go Go and I've been making bits and bobs like a crazy lady.  Luckily for me I still have prints ready mounted and some cards so this time I could make some new things like keychains and charms, bracelets and pins. 


these chicks will be transformed into key chains as soon as I can get the split rings in.

this is a detail from one of the three mixed media bracelets that I'm making...

I've made some mixed media covered Moleskine Journals and still have three more to do
 (one of today's hundred jobs)

some of my keychains and charms...
and if you're wondering where I'll be selling these lovelies, here is the spot.

you can catch all the info on Twitter
(click the link)

I'm so excited and this time I feel as though I'm a little more confident to actually chat more... I think I was a little quiet last time, but no more... this time I'm brave.
I think it's going to be fun this crafty business.

Rachelle x

(my mug I made, I'll tell you more about this next time)



Today marks the 60th year of Queen Elizabeth II's reign and the UK has gone Jubilee crazy.  Even our neighbors held a street party that went on into the early hours of this morning, and now on the good old BBC is the coverage of all the fancy pomp and ceremony that marks the Jubilee celebrations.
It kind of makes you feel a little proud to be British and I'm tempted to get out the bunting and serve tea and scones...(don't think Mr.P would agree with me, but Little Miss loves any excuse to throw a party).

Not only is it Jubilee, but this weekend also saw the annual  Caribbean Carnival come to town, even a day of rain didn't stop it.

and even though all this has been happening, I still managed to find a little time to make a small bit of artyness.
I recycled a magnet that I'd had lying around with my usual mixed media magic.

here she is close up.

So now I'm off to put the kettle on and get the jam out.

Rule Britannia and all that.

Rachelle x