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A softer approach...

So I've been asked to create some designs for something 
(top secret at the moment but I'll tell you soon)
and they asked for a softer approach, something not too niche.

I love to get briefs, and this one has allowed me to have a visit back to my softer side with watercolor and more muted colors.
At the moment I'm just messing around trying out a few ideas, I need four new designs by Thursday so I'm having lots of fun playing as I'm sure you can imagine, and hopefully this play will lead to some solid designs.

Take a peek...

Im working in a journal thats made up from brown paper, it makes a nice change to my usual one.

You know I gotta add in some collage somewhere.

and a little inky pen work.

Et voila.

Nice start, but she needs sweeter eyes I think.

I think the thing that I love the best about being a mixed media artist is that you can Play in ANY medium that I want and I'm not restricted to just paint of pastels.
It's a lot of fun and I'm enjoying this softer approach.

Rachelle x


sandi tygar said...

Such talent! Love this look - very soft, very whimsical, they make me smile!

Petie said...

I love your new look and your old! And you're so right mix it all up to your hearts content! xo

Lynn Richards said...

Love these colors. They inspire me!!

Rachel said...

I love your new colours - been following you on Instagram for a while, but new to blogging (as you know), so looking forward to reading your posts x

Emily said...

So lovely!!! I love the soft look!! Super adorable!

Ophelia said...


Baxter's Mom said...

Love, Love, Love this new look!!!

Rachelle said...

Hi Sandi,
Thank you so much.

Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Petie,

I'm mixing about with everything at the moment, there's art supplies all over the place. I'm having lots of fun.

Rachelle xo

Rachelle said...

Hi Lynn,

Thank you, I like them too even though they are not my usual thing Imust admit they are growing on me.

Rachelle xo

Rachelle said...

Hi Rachel,
thanks for stopping by the blog too, it's great to connect with you, I'm glad you found the blog.
See you here again soon.
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Emily,
Thanks for stopping by. I'm really pleased that you like the softer look, it's growing on me too. Watch this space for more.
Rachelle xo

Rachelle said...

Thank you lovely.

Rachelle xo

Rachelle said...

Hi there,
oh thank you, I'm really pleased to hear that you love it, it's had a super great response and it's convinced me to make more like this.

Rachelle xo