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A little ME time...

first I'll start with a little Thank You,
this little lovely is flying on her way to a new home today.
I'm really happy that I can get the chance to make art for people, to make art that makes people happy.
So 'thank you' to lovely Lesley for supporting me.

it's been such a busy few days,
meetings, family visiting and house cleaning chores, and with all that,
 I've not really made the time for art.

I often make comments about how fast time is moving, but it's not until you stop and think, or take a moment out of your busy day, that you realise just how fast it IS.

note to self: go get the paints out tonight.

The thing about blogging is that, for me at least, it reminds me to keep creating.  
It's creating that really makes me happy when all is said and done, so the blogging is almost a prompt to happiness.
I like that idea.

so after I've made space on the table,

and sharpened my crayons,
tonight I'm going to make some time for art.
(before the weekend comes around again)

Rachelle x

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