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Free Art...

I did it again...
On Saturday night I took my P out for a birthday meal and left behind some free art.


(I put one of my ATC's and a few of my business cards into the pack)

this time I was  a little 'braver' in my placing of the artwork.
it did cross my mind to put it into the ladies restrooms but then I just thought that was too easy, and I wanted to be a little bolder.
after careful consideration,
and in full view of the restaurant owner,
I put the art on the bar.

Who'd have thought that such a little thing like this could be so exciting.
I'm curious to see who finds them,
you should give it a try too.

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Rachelle x


Lura said...

i would have picked it up in a second but then i would have known who's it was....beautifull rachelles! that is a fun idea, wonder how long it stays there and who picks it up, you should stay and watch. love ya girl and love my atc, look at it everyday so you are never too far from my heart. xoxoxo lura

Becca said...

I love this!

Jenny said...

What a wonderful idea Rachelle... and exciting... such a beautiful gesture... I would like to try it too...

Jenny x

Susan said...

YAY Rachelle! Getting bolder!!! xo