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The Dark Side...

So today I've been getting started on a commission piece.
It's really exciting as this is venturing into a new area for me, for this one I'm going over to the 'darkside'.
 I'm venturing into the land of SteamPunk.
What's that?I hear you say, well here is the Wikipedia explanation.

'Steampunk is a genre which originated during the 1980s and early 1990s and incorporates elements of science fictionfantasyalternate historyhorror, andspeculative fiction. It involves a setting where steam power is widely used—whether in an alternate history such as Victorian era Britain or "Wild West"-era United States.'

If you're a fan of Tim Holtz, you're probably a fan of this too.

I'm working on a 20"x 20" canvas that will soon be making it's way to the US for a sale.
This is some of the background papers that I started with, The glue needs a good few hours to dry before I start working on the top.
(I'll post more shots as it gets done)
But whilst I'm waiting, 
I thought I may as well use up my scraps and make some ATC size pieces.
I really enjoy working small, and even though they are small they still can take over an hour to do.
It's surprises me really.
Anyway, the chick at the top of this post is one of them and this one underneath is the other.

I really like their faces, so I've decided to turn them into prints to put in my shop.

Here's how they look all finished.

add a little glitter

and some black ink and this is what you get.

Maybe the dark side isn't so scary after all.

Oh and before I go, I must mention that I have now launched my website.
I will be selling larger pieces of art here as well as prints on canvas and soon I'll be adding textiles and stationary.

If you want to have a quick look just click the 'website' tab at the top of this post.

Thank you.

Rachelle x


sandi tygar said...

LOVE your dark side!!!

Creatively yours Fi said...

just had a flick to your web site. Fabulous Rachelle :) Have just blogged a thank you for your gorgeous print that I won! Thanks again....How do you get tabs at the top of your blog? I've been trying for weeks :) thanks Fi

SHARY said...

Fantastic canvas , love this piece.x

Rachelle said...

Hey Sandi,
Thanks girl, I kinda like it too.

Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hey Fi,

thanks for checking out my website, it took me ages to put together being so rubbish at teccy things. I'm so glad you LOVE the print too. i'll message you about the tabs at the top, it's pretty easy to do.

Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Shary,

thank you so much, I'm loving these shades and faces too.

Rachelle x