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Blackpool ROCKs...

First let me start with saying a HUGE 

Thank You
 to each and every one of you who left a comment for the Birthday Giveaway.

I've been overwhelmed by the response, 
and so touched by all your very lovely comments.

You guys really ROCK.

So if you're wondering how I came up with a winner this time, I used a Random Number Generator, put in the amounts and pressed 'Generate'.
At the time, I only knew how many comments that there had been, so it was really exciting to go back here and count through to comment number 8.

(I will be responding to everyones comments today too)

Another thing that I wanted to say was a big HELLO to all the new blog visitors,

 I'm so happy to see you here, thank you for stopping by.
And finally, a special Thank You to all the new subscribers to the newsletter.

I really REALLY appreciate each and every one of you.

After all the excitement, my Mom took me to the seaside...
How lovely
(it's not often that it looks as nice as this, it's usually grey and rainy)

Blackpool Tower
(ahh childhood memeories)

the Great British Seaside...  LOVE it.

`the sun has got his hat on'

Rachelle x


shazza said...

I really love the other tower pic too. What a beautiful seaside that is. And Thanks so very much for having the giveaway on your blog. Im so excited I won & seriously cant believe it still, lol. A HUGE HEARTFELT THANKS FROM ME & I cant wait to see where the rest of your journey takes you next, wherever that may be it wont take long. Love your art HEAPS

Blog 54 said...

I love these photos...happy days...Blackpool looks better than I remember it...you make me feel like going back!! x

Rachelle said...

Hi Sharon,
Oh I'm so glad you won, you are always SO supportive of my artwork and a great friend.
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

it was lovely in the sunshine, it took away the tack. LOL
Rachelle x