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Plan B

Where to begin?

Firstly, my pen ran out.  The pen that I use for all the outlining.
You know how it is when something that you like and use a lot runs out.
I was a bit miffed to say the least, and half way through some doodles too.

So plan B came about.
I thought I'd get round to finishing something that I started last October, my shelf sitter doll. (if you want to look back, it's in the Oct archive in the post called 'challenge yourself').
Well with the pen situation, finishing wasn't really an option, so after a little essential arty retail therapy, to buy ESSENTIALS you understand, not other lovely things too (hee hee) I got started.
(yes I did get other lovely stuff too - well there WAS a sale on).


gave her a little face,

and a little color.

But then, I stopped again.
This one needs some careful thinking about, especially for her clothes and hair.
I'll work on her over the weekend.

I made these two yesterday,

these two are mini journal covers.  The journal is just slightly bigger than a playing card. 

This one was actually a mini trial for an idea that I've been playing around in my head.  I really wanted to do something with a Union Jack on, I think it's time I added a little brittishness to some of my stuff.
So, with that in mind, I made this canvas...


She's an 8"x 8" deep edge canvas.

If you really LOVE her, she can come and live with you.
I just added her to my Etsy store.

I'm feeling really good about where my art is taking me right now, 
and I feel at last that I have found my own style 

Rachelle x

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