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Out of the Ordinary...

sometimes its good to do something different, something out of the ordinary...
I decided that rather than have something in mind, that I would just play around a little with some of my supplies and see what happened.
Painting purely in watercolor, like the girl above, is something that I've not really done since art college,  I'd almost forgotten how much fun it was.

So much fun, I did a couple...

I love the fluidity of the paint, I like to let it 'go with the flow'.
(both now in the Etsy Store ).

I did an illustration too, just using blue pencil crayon.


I even played in pastel.

I'll be doing more experimenting and playing this week, it's so much fun.

But don't worry, I did also do some chicks as well.

in my journal...


pastels and paint on cardboard...

mixed media brave girl...

Oh I feel all young again (in the arty sense at least),
off to the zoo today, then maybe a little arty time later.

Have a lovely day

Rachelle x

'Sometimes you just need to fly'
(made on my iPad)


Janie Husband said...

i love all of the pieces you created here.....i do the same thing sometimes, just play with supplies....you are right, surprising what masterpiece you will turn out just playing. ;-)

Margaret said...

You are flying! Love it!

Sigga Dis said...

Love to follow you and she how you can jump from one style to another having so much fun..

Rachelle said...

Hi Janie,
thank you for such a lovely comment. I really enjoyed playing around with the supplies, and youre right, you never know what will turn up.
Such fun.
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Margaret,
it feels like something good is in the air... flapping my wings.
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Sigga,
Thank you for following my blog. I think this style is more formal but still fun. I think I have two distinct styles really, and it's really hard to choose between them. I go through moments of loving each.

Congratulations on your art sale too.
Rachelle x