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It's Gesso Love...

I think that gesso has become my new favorite arty stuff to use right now.
Lets' face it, over the last couple of days, it has saved my life, or at least my art.
I treated myself to a new tub, a rather large one too.

But it did get put to good use.
Being inspired by the big tub, I decided to make a big canvas.
Well, its 20" x 20" to be exact.

If you look closely, you can see an older drawing on the canvas. It's just peeking through my first layer of gesso.
I like to draw in marker pens now.

heres how she got put together...

Some of the collage details...

and then a layer of gesso on her face again, plus a rub around the canvas here and there.

She's having a rest now to let her dry a little before I move on to the next part
(that'll be tomorrow as I'm JOGGING again tonight)

Yes, don't chuckle, I'm still doing it, and now I can even walk the day after too.
Now that's what I call progress.

Rachelle x


Petie said...

Love your art and your gesso!! Keep jogging! I'm starting at the gym in two weeks! :-)

Rachelle said...

Hi Phyllis,
Thank you... the jogging almost killed me the first two weeks, but now I can at least do it and be ok the day after and i'm actually enjoying it too. :D Go you gym bunny!

Rachelle x

Janie Husband said...

jogging.........aren't you brave!!!!..i do walk daily and i love doing it.....about all these old bones can handle....i love your colorfull art and always enjoy your posts.... ;-)

Emily said...

I LOVE Gesso!!! Use it all of the time when I work with canvas... so glad you love it too!! :) I'm loving this girl you have started! I can't wait to see the finished product!!

Hope you had a good run!

Connie said...

Okay . . . I just found your blog . . . and I am in love with your work. Your composition, your way with color, and your subject matter. Collage at it's best! Your newest fan and follower, Connie :) Please accept my invitation to visit and hopefully follow my blog as well. Love, love, love your work.

Siggadisart said...

Love to see how you work Rachelle, Love those faces with their big eyes and eyelashes. Thanks for sharing..

Rachelle said...

Hi Janie,
oh I'm suffering from the jogging today alright... we did 5k. Still, I'm feeling better for starting moving again.
Thanks for stopping by.
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Emily,
Gesso is such a wonderful thing... I use it on all sorts of things, anything that I can gets my hands on often gets a gesso coat.

Thanks for stopping by to say Hi.

Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Connie,
it's great to see a new face here, Im so pleased that you stumbled across my blog and of course that you enjoy my art. I'd love to visit and follow you too, thank you for the invitation.
Rachelle x

Rachelle said...

Hi Sigga,
thank you. I think it's good to show progress shots every now and then, it also acts as a little reminder for me when I flick back through posts.

Rachelle x