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A beautiful mess...

I don't know about you but I could look at pictures like this for hours... 
LOVE the color and mess that you get from art supplies.  
Often when I'm looking on Instagram (a picture app), the photo's that draw me in are usually of arty mess, or journal pages etc.  Pictures like this inspire me to get my paints out and create something lovely, 
to make a beautiful mess.
I thought that I'd talk a little about how I work/create...
I don't have a studio (apart from in my dreams), I don't even have a craft table or corner of a room.
At this present time, everything that I make, I do from the dining room table.
My art supplies live in boxes and its a case of unpack-pack-unpack-pack whenever I want to make anything, or at least it is in theory.  Usually its more unpack, make a mess, drop lots of paper on the floor, make something, have hubby say 'tidy up', then pack up again.  He's a very patient man at times and always very supportive of my art dreams.  I do long for the day when I can have a little space to call my 'arty home'
(a studio is on the wish list, but a designated area will do for now).

here's a sneaky peek into one of my boxes...

I just wanted to share this with you, because sometimes when I or you feel as though we can't do things without the right stuff,  or right space, or an art studio,
I just need to see this and remind myself that it really is possible to go places with your art, even when you work on the dining table. You can even get published.  If it can happen to me, it can happen to you.

Look what the postman brought today...

'doodle journal for fabulous chicks(that's you)'

and I have to say so myself how lovely and colorful it is, I'm so pleased how it turned out.
I'm so proud to be able to share this Art Eye Candy loveliness with you all.
(click on the image of the journal in the sidebar if you'd like one too)

Look what dreams can come from this beautiful mess.

Rachelle x


Fuzz said...

I don't have a studio/ spare room or even an art table either - I have boxes with paints etc but it can be such a bind trying to get everything together to make a start - especially if I've been to work all day. I'll take inspiration from the fact that you manage to create your art even without a decent space to paint :)

Rachelle said...

Hi Fuzz,
Its really tricky when you work like you and me (from boxes) and yes, especially after a long day at work... I usually try to at least do something small, like an ATC..
Thanks for stopping by the blog.

Rachelle x