f April 2012 - Art Eye Candy


So todays post isn't full to bursting with color as it usually is, but there is lovely arty stuff to look at.
I've been playing around in my mini journal trying out some new ideas and some new chicks.  
You might see some of these gals again soon, if they make the grade that is.

Like this one...

I don't usually try them out first, I usually just go with the flow and draw whatever comes into my head, but I do like the idea of trying a few out.
This page of text is probably going to get some paint thrown at it later too.

Oooh and I have some exciting news again...

I've finished planning out the newsletter,
I called it Art Eye Candy Love.
if you'd like some Love in your email, fill in the little subscribe box (at the top in the sidebar) and I'll send it your way.

The newsletter will tell you about arty stuff, tips and treats and have a special code for you to get 20% discount in the shop  and for the workshops coming next month...
(it's once a month so not too spammy either)

 share the LOVE

Rachelle x


Make art...

Without really noticing or intending to do it, this week I have actually managed to do just this. (and blog everyday too) I have made some art every single day.  Some has been larger than others, but none the less, I've still done it.
It's funny but when you put your intentions out there, sometimes it almost slots into place and happens.
(I'd made this image on Wednesday)

This morning I've had a little quick play in my art journal.  I don't have that much free time but because I'd made the background ready yesterday, it meant that I could just get to it without it taking too long, or even getting my trusty heat gun out - and you know how much I love that.

I even plated around in a photo editing app a little.
Don't you just love the colors?
They remind me of these silk flowers that my Little Miss just adores...

It's funny where inspiration comes from, but the fab thing about having a camera on my phone is that I can take the snaps to use later.  You can also use the snaps to make great collage papers too.
(we'll be talking about that in next weeks workshops)

I'm having lunch with my Dad today, so this is just a little post,
I'll be back tomorrow...

Rachelle x


play time...

messing about in my journal...


my play things...

Rachelle x


Gesso Love Part 2...

what a rainy day it's been...
which is perfect really because it means I can get on and make some more art.

If you caught yesterdays post 'Love Gesso', you'll have seen the first stages of this 20"x20" canvas that I've been working on.
Well today, with all the rain, I took the chance to finish it off.


adding the paint (with my fingers)
this is a good picture to show you the size too.

painty close up.
I really like the smeared effect that comes with using my fingers, you can see some of my pencil crayon too if you look closely.

face close up - its still in progress here.
sometimes when you get a bit stuck or unsure if you have finished, it's really good to take photo's. The pictures often show up where still needs a few finishing touches.

Ta Da.

all finished
(apart from a little gloss and painted edges)

Rachelle x


It's Gesso Love...

I think that gesso has become my new favorite arty stuff to use right now.
Lets' face it, over the last couple of days, it has saved my life, or at least my art.
I treated myself to a new tub, a rather large one too.

But it did get put to good use.
Being inspired by the big tub, I decided to make a big canvas.
Well, its 20" x 20" to be exact.

If you look closely, you can see an older drawing on the canvas. It's just peeking through my first layer of gesso.
I like to draw in marker pens now.

heres how she got put together...

Some of the collage details...

and then a layer of gesso on her face again, plus a rub around the canvas here and there.

She's having a rest now to let her dry a little before I move on to the next part
(that'll be tomorrow as I'm JOGGING again tonight)

Yes, don't chuckle, I'm still doing it, and now I can even walk the day after too.
Now that's what I call progress.

Rachelle x


Fresh ideas...

Sometimes you need to be honest with yourself and take a step back (put on you objective hat) and really look at your art. And the sometimes, to make something really nice, or even beautiful, you need to stop what you are doing and start again.
I had to start again, again.  
It's no wonder the gesso is running low.(another shopping trip me thinks)

I had a girl, similar to the one above (from the 'Got soul...' post) that was just not looking right.
I looked and looked, I even slept on it, but there was no getting away from the fact that I just didn't feel right about her.  It wasn't the case that she was wrong (I don't really believe that any art is wrong) it was just a feeling that I had.
At the end of the day, if your like me, you really make art for yourself.  You make art that you like, that makes you smile, that you love.  Yes, you might be lucky enough to go on and sell that art, but if you are like me you don't want to sell anything that you don't love yourself first.
So, I started again with a fresh idea (and gesso).


gesso, you are my saviour...

after planning her out, I did a little collage for her Tee.

Look at the little face in the collage... do you recognise it?
It's my Madame Butterfly.

Ta Da.

Much better than what was there before.

Don't be afraid of starting again.
In fact, don't be afraid of starting at all.

Talking of which, TONIGHT/TODAY (well it's night for me) is the first Hangout Workshop.
I'm so excited...
If you'd like to hangout with me and some lovely arty folks, check out the Workshop page in the menu bar and you'll find all the info you need.
I'm really looking forward to meeting you.
see you later

Rachelle x
(you might notice these photos are a little blurry, I had to upload smaller files as my computer was being mega slow, better ones next time)


Got soul...

Happy Sunday...
here's a little lovely that I made last night whilst listening to soul music...
(play the tune whilst you LOOK)

the quote on her shirt says...
'I got soul in my heart'

you can see how much bigger she is compared to the one from yesterday.
I LOVE her...

I really had fun making her, singing to music.

But there's only one small problem when you don't use brushes...


Have a lovely Sunday.

Rachelle x


Keep trying...

You know how it is when things don't quite go to plan, well, that's what happened today.  I did another page in the mini altered book but I wasn't really 'feeling it', so I stopped and changed to make a mixed media canvas instead.
Oh boy did I have to keep trying.


I started with an 8" x8" canvas that I had lying around, I'd already stuck a paper background on (take from one of my collages and edited a little)  I drew one of my chicks on in pencil.  If you look closely, you'll just about see it.

I painted the negative space in black gesso.

I mapperd out her features again in black gesso, then used my heat gun to dry her.  
(I'm SO impatient sometimes)
But when I stepped back, I didn't really like her that much, so...

I painted her face out in white gesso, and made her face shape a bit larger.
If all else fails, GET THE GESSO OUT and start again.

I re-did her face with my black marker, I draw freehand usually.

This is where I went a little mad, messing around with colors, using my fingers randomly spreading the paint around. 
 I use my fingers more than brushes.

I was beginning to feel better by this stage, still more paint to add.

Then I worked all over with my trusty pencil crayons.
(see, look at my fingers, what did I tell you)

Then to redefine the lines, I used my marker again.  I know not everyone is a fan of having black outlines, but I like them, as long as they work with the piece.

All finished (with a little coat of gloss to pull out the colors).
(now in the shop)

So, my lesson for today was to keep on trying, don't give up, and remember...

there's always GESSO.

Rachelle x

mini altered book - still in progress.